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  1. Starscreamsfan
    Sorry for the delay. When I finished my Christmas shopping, I received a call from the theater that they needed a replacement for the guy playing Marley's ghost (he had some personal things to attend to). Since I'm pretty familiar with Christmas Carol, it wasn't a problem to replace him, and I had fun.

    But with that out of the way, pretty cool of you to make Bludgeon change his voice when he's disguised.

    That sounds cool.

    Is it the Swamp Thing theme???

    Oh, that's pretty cool.

    Also, another idea for the "Turtles"-esque series: make Sky-Byte a Casey Jones-type of character (since he now redeemed himself, it would be fun to have him as a wacky vigilante).

    Also, Tarantulas and Fracture could be Beserko-type characters (they both have their own agenda, instead of being allied with Starscream and Bludgeon).
  2. Dr.Who
    Thx man, no problem.
  3. Dr.Who
    Part 3 was my favorite with Vader, personally, and I liked all of the JW tracks you listed, my favorite of all of his tracks for the prequels is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzVBqBosf5w.

    Coincidentally those are some of the few Faulconer tracks I liked, along with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU5EMlT3Uzw. Kikuchi's music is way better, though, imo.
  4. Dr.Who
    Can u link me the Star Wars one again, sorry?
  5. Dr.Who
    Dragonball's dub by FUNimation is so much better than their Z dub, yup, I agree.

    Agreed there, Johnson's even worse.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, and I forgot about the characters introduced in the "Girl Power" episode on my mail. Here you have the choices I'll imagine for them:

    Liz - Renae Jacobs
    Slipstream - Morgan Lofting
    Thunderblast - Joy Grdnic
    Blackarachnia - B.J. Ward
  7. Starscreamsfan
    Okay, I'll check that when I get back.
  8. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    The only one that I have really no interest in is the Punisher. Don't know much about him and was never that crazy about him anyway. Did see the movie with Thomas Jane, and it was OK just not my cup of tea.
  9. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Watched the original Mighty Morphin when I was a kid and somewhat remember Zeo, didn't really care about Turbo much. I think I watched it, but the car Zords didn't interest me much. I do remember In Space and Lost Galaxy(was that the name?), though those are pretty hazy. I think that they kinda glump together for me, if they were different or not I can't remember. After that I think I was done, though I remember seeing pieces of Lightspeed Rescue. I think that was the one with the bat guy whose castle looked like Castle Grayskull.
  10. Dr.Who
    Transformers: 2nd part, introduction to Optimus Prime
    TMNT: Premise about Splinter/Shredder

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    catroons, animation voice acting, bikng, hiking, horror movies, and the paranormal
    Work with special needs people, write stories usually horror or fanfiction in my freetime.


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