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  1. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, that's cool.

    Just checked it, and I like all the stuff: Starscream's shenanigans, BW Megs killing American soldiers, Marie and Nicky interacting with the 1780's kids and the whole "meeting older Sarah" scene as well as the fireworks scene. I really like your ideas.

    Also, which Maximals and Preds will you have on this story???

    Yeah, checked the Jungle Book themes, and they're pretty fitting.

    Yeah, both singers seem to have a lot of fun with the song.

    Nope, he didn't want to give Screamer toys to anyone. He needs to be blackmailed for that.

    Screamer put them there to troll you.
  2. Starscreamsfan
    I didn't get the time travelling layout , in fact, I just searched through the mail, and there was no time travelling layout.

    That's could to hear. I bet it's gonna be great.
  3. Metabad
    Very sorry I haven't gotten to your stuff yet like I said I would, truth be told I did read through act 1 of the first episode and I did like it, I've just been so preoccupied with my story summaries lately that I haven't found the time to finish it, and when I do have time, I get distracted easily when I'm on the internet admittedly, especially when I'm not listening to my music.

    I'll try to read through your stuff soon, but I'm not sure exactly when.
  4. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, that's cool. Seems like the series was exceedingly popular.

    I'll be waiting for the layout.

    Also, I don't know if you got this, but this is a pretty cool retelling of the history of America (up to the Independence):

  5. Starscreamsfan
    Ah, that's cool.

    What surprise???

    Oh, and BTW, I was listening to this theme while writing the first scene of the "Sharkspearean Masterpiece". The beginning and the middle of the theme is pretty much the mind cannon unveiling scene, while the last part of the theme is the 'con entrance (yup, this is how badass that 'con entrance was):

  6. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, that's cool.
  7. Starscreamsfan
    That sounds pretty cool.

    Well, let's pray he finds them.


    Oh and BTW, checked the AHNOLD episode of Liberty's Kids. It was great. I really loved AHNOLD here. He was funny, but he was also pretty fatherly and warm. He was awesome. I loved the kid characters too. Also, General Washington was just boss. Overall, a great episode.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    He's been warned!!!

    Yeah, well, I was more concerned with the action and comedy in here (hence why most of the 'cons don't have speaking roles). But anyways, just added a little bit (but a very brief one, 'cause if I do a rewrite, I'll have to start the script all over again).

    Oh, that's cool.

    Your Disney episode could take place either in season 3 or 5.

    The Decepticons use their ship as their base. In here, it's right beside the waterfall. In the "Defending the Base" episode, the ship is once again in space (they needed to land in order to make tests and repair the ship).
  9. Starscreamsfan
    Let's hope not. And yes, Screamer couldn't fly when he fell due to the beating he got from Arcee (heck, the friggin' Battlechargers had to take him out from the battle).

    Ohohohohoho, poor Screamer!!!!
  10. Starscreamsfan
    Ah, okay.

    My Autobot base is located in a volcano in Oregon (yup, Mount St. Helens). In Season 5, when the 'bots move to Quebec, their base is located the hills.

    Yup, say hello to Bats. He's working with Inspector Shayne in here.

    Yeah, it was fun to write. Especially Sky-Byte delivering Hamlet lines, Minerva having a Furmanism moment (the short, sharp lesson line), poor ol' Quake's head bouncing to the base in the end and Screamer and Knock Out's shenanigans.

    Also, you may notice that TH is pretty violent in this episode. You can tell that when he has his Plasma Lupara in his hands, he means business.

    Corrected Drift's line, and well, couldn't correct that second thing, 'cause I didn't plan on having a much longer interaction between Roddy and TH.

    Okay, I'll be waiting.

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