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  1. Metabad
    8 Hours Ago
    What say you to a hug?
  2. Metabad
    10 Hours Ago
    LOL yeah, guess so. I admittedly had most of the third movie's bloopers on in the background while I did other stuff because you know.
  3. Metabad
    11 Hours Ago
    I checked out the trilogy bloopers fairly recently and still found them pretty funny. Not as classic as the old ones of course but they had a lot of jokes that made me burst out laughing.

    And yeah, their raw reactions to everything in regards to the flawed animation would've been hilarious to hear.
  4. Metabad
    12 Hours Ago
    Oh, I didn't catch that. That's super neat! Maybe there'll be hope for the redub after all. Best of luck to everyone in getting their roles back, and if they don't at least they tried to get them on board.

    Yeah, so weird that Marc wasn't brought back at all since he works for the friggin' company, same deal with Carrie. It's just baffling that they didn't get their roles back. And the thing that I realized that really sucks is no funny 2016/2017 series bloopers, imagine how funny those would've turned out, I could totally picture them riffing on that awful footage and taking the piss out of the whole thing with lots of fun remarks.
  5. GreenGoblin75
    1 Day Ago
    I finished Episode 47 of Yu Yu Hakusho and dang Justin has been killing it the last few episodes. This one especially where he had to save his spirit beast. Great job sounding emotional and the screams are bone-chilling.

    Some fun comedy stuff with the team doing rock-paper-scissors too. John sounded pretty cool as Yoko Kurama.
  6. Metabad
    2 Days Ago
    Stories are going pretty well. I'm technically done the next script-style one I've written, just gotta proofread it and possibly truncate a lot of scenes that ended up going on for too long (mostly fight scenes that don't really add much and descriptions that go on for way too long, I really do like some of them though in regards to the former, so maybe I'll take them out and repurpose them for a sequel or something.)

    I've also gotten most of my outlines done a while back, so that's a relief that they're out of my head in some way. Gotta get cracking on that at some point.

    I think that's about it for now.
  7. Metabad
    2 Days Ago
    I met up with one of the directors of the Transformers project a few weeks ago on saturday (turns out they live in the same city as I do, who da' thunk it?) and got Chromedome rerecorded for the first episode, might have told you that already, but it went well and we're planning on meeting up tomorrow for the second one, and maaaybe the third one since Chromedome's part isn't too big in the second issue. It's about the third time I've redone the second issue, but the first time I'll rerecord the third one. (Gotta scream again...ULP!)
  8. Metabad
    2 Days Ago
    They're going slowly, but well enough. Fatal Fury 2's voices are almost halfway done I'd say. I finished up Wolfgang Krauser and Geese Howard a while back, Terry's been recorded (we ended up replacing the other director as Terry with the guy who played Ripper in the previous movie, granted most people I've talked to loved his first voice, but he told me himself he felt awkward and never felt comfortable voicing him and thought he sounded like he came from a bad 90's dub, we debated over it for a bit, but my friend insisted on not playing Terry so I respected his wishes.), we just need the Narrator, Joe, Andy, Kim Kaphwan, Mai Shiranui and Lawrence Blood recorded. Still a little bit to go but the movie itself won't be nearly as long as the first one (we're aiming to make it 5 minutes as opposed to the whopping 30 minutes the first dub ended up being.) so it should go relatively quickly.
  9. Metabad
    2 Days Ago
    I meant cryptic in regards to where they're located, although I guess since you elaborated on it I take that back, it does sound tough to figure out on your own though as far as I can tell. Kinda sucks that you can't choose between killing them and sneaking past them.

    Sure sounds like it.
  10. Metabad
    3 Days Ago
    That Mantis thing sounds really weird and cryptic. Oh well, at least you managed to beat the game. Congrats on that.

    That's cool. I'll probably check it out on either GOG or Steam, not sure which.

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