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  1. Super10ZX
    Alright, so I tried to add links to my Smash 4 request, and my Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story request. AND IT'S WORKING
  2. Super10ZX
    Hey, MasterBlaster, thank you for getting better images for The Legendary Starfy. It's my first request to get a high priority, and without you it would of been ignored. (I actually was trying to get better images myself, but I couldn't get the cover to look good, so I moved on to other things).

    I just have one question, how do you get a link to not look like a link (sorry if I worded it weird)? As an example, in your Starfy request, you had links to YouTube videos, but instead of looking like a regular link, it said "Japanese Version only".
  3. Super10ZX
    So... My computer does have a paint option (there's no "edit" botton, but I have a "open with" botton that leads to the paint program). However, I see a crop botton, but it will not let me click it.

    I've been trying a "resize" botton, and it does work. But I'm not really getting a good size.

    If your wondering what program I used for the Starfy images, I used a photo editing program on my Blackberry Playbook (remember those).
  4. Super10ZX
    Hey MasterBlaster, I have a question to ask you. What program do you use to crop images? I did try to make my own images for my Legendary Starfy request, and my program did say 210x240, but they ended up being too small.
  5. WrightWay
    Very cool, friend, very cool.

    LOL, so true.

    Indeed: same thoughts!
  6. WrightWay
    No problem: likewise, it's fine!

    Same, honestly, the 20th Movie is going to debut in just two months or so in Japan, IIRC. Supposedly Ed Goldfarb is working with someone named Kyle Allen on the dub music, though, I hope to god they take it more seriously than the music Ed composes lately. XD.

    None in particular, but I do think each area has its strengths and weaknesses in dubs, same with the companies, etc. I am somewhat nostalgic for the NYC talent pool as it was due to them that I gained an interest in voice acting, same with the TX/Dallas Forth Worth pool, though.

    Sure, thanks for the offer, I may take you up on it when I get the chance!
  7. Norozco18
    Hello MB, I know that you have a great knowledge of Canadian VA's, which is why that there's one in particular that I want to you to help us out with, so that we get this show on the BTVA site, ok!

    So here it is, hope you'll help us: The link to the Kingdom anime discussion

    Also the Tony & Don Merging discussion needs to be checked out as well.

    Reply back to me when you get this message, ok bro!
  8. WrightWay

    You're welcome: she's actually who I had in mind, truthfully.

    Agreed on both accounts, honestly.

    I did, too, you've said my thoughts nicely on the subject.

    (P.S. I'm actually planning to state my opinion on the dub after the 20th Movie dub on the page instead- sorry for not sending it to you, but just want to confirm my feelings are justified before posting them).
  9. WrightWay
    BTW, thanks, and I understand. Appreciate it!
  10. WrightWay
    I agree on Hebert's Oak, actually, it's just that I find his take average fare, if it makes sense- definitely better than Cathcart's take on it, no doubt, but I feel he's no Zagnit either...exactly what you said, IMO! .

    I would've actually liked Maile Flanagan, no joke, it would make perfect sense since Junko Takeuchi voiced him in the Japanese Version: I like your other two choices for Red as well, though.

    Agreed on Generations in general, really, I'm not going to lie: half the time I felt I was watching 5 minute game trailers, even in Japanese, it just didn't leave too strong of an impression on me.

    Same, and unfortunately, I've heard Mr. Goldfarb will probably be doing the dub score for Movie 20 (I'm not upset at him about this, more so than I am TPCi, as I feel 4Kids had established somewhat of a safe haven for the Movie dubs to keep their OST since Movie 4/Pokemon 4Ever back in 2002, and it went away since Movie 17/Diancie started in 2014).

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