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  1. DreamMaster08X
    I know, it's like I'm taking a REALLY gigantic step further into this site. I feel quite a bit giddy in this process!
  2. TylerMirage
    Yeah, as I said, there's a select few characters that fit into a much, much smaller set of parameters as to how they are portrayed or how they look (Optimus, Starscream, Shockwave, just to name a few). But outside of those handful, it's fair game. Shockwave (purple, horns, cyclopean), Starscream (fast aerial alt mode, jet cockpit chest, wings on his back), Bumblebee (small and yellow), etc.. But go ahead and make Megatron a red and black tank. Go ahead and make Soundwave a news van. Be my guest and make whoever whatever.

    But yeah, you are one of the few who truly get it.
  3. TylerMirage
    The problem with complaining - or even defending name-slapping - with regards to the characters being "superior" to previous versions, is that it all boils down to subjectivity. Yeah, I think DotM Sentinel was more awesome than TFA Sentinel, but they were two different characters attempting two different things. It's difficult to compare the quality of a name-slap over another, but that doesn't stop us from saying that name-slapping isn't new. They want other examples of name-slapping? Here are some. They want to argue about one being better than another? That's when you start arguing opinions and taste, which you simply cannot do.
  4. TylerMirage
    So tell me, which of these "Wheeljacks" should be the standard? Which of these is the "real" one? When does a character actually begin to be a "Wheeljack"? What makes Que any more or less of a Wheeljack than Armada? Or TFP? They all have something in common with the original Wheeljack - even if it is just a name. Whether it's name, design, or overall function/characterization.

    People just don't get it. Name-slapping isn't new. It isn't something that Bay invented solely to tick off the fanbase. It's been around as long as the franchise itself.
  5. TylerMirage
    Energon Downshift - Wheeljack in Appearance Only: Even though his name is Downshift in the English dub, it's blatantly obvious who he's supposed to be. White, red and green Autobot. Part of Bulkhead's team, joined with Optimus' team. No apparent "inventor-ness". No gadgets, no gizmos. Virtually no defining traits.

    Animated Wheeljack - Virtual Non-entity: White, red and green Autobot. Autobot scientist/engineer on Cybertron. Nothing to do with Optimus Prime. Essentially G1 Wheeljack in the year 2010, despite him not really doing anything in his mere cameo appearances.

    DotM Que - Wheeljack in Function Only: A blue Autobot car. A crazy inventor of gadgets and gizmos. Serves alongside Optimus, not much of a fighter. Hands out inventions.

    TFP Wheeljack - Wheeljack in Name/Appearance Only: White, red and green Autobot. Hardcore Wrecker, perhaps some inkling of "mechanic/engineer" (maybe). Autobot loner, occasionally alongside Optimus.
  6. TylerMirage
    Or what about Prowl? Other than a law enforcement-oriented alternate mode, what is the standard for a Prowl? White and black police car? Blue Formula 1 police car? White Lamborghini? Black and gold motorcycle? Is he a loner who knows Cyber-karate (or whatever it is)? Is he the uptight law-abiding character who knows every rule of the police handbook? Or let's break down Wheeljack.

    G1 Wheeljack - Original: White, red and green Autobot. A crazy inventor of gadgets and gizmos. Serves alongside Optimus.

    Armada Wheeljack - Wheeljack in Name Only: Brown and white Autobot-turned-Decepticon. No apparent "inventor-ness". No gadgets or gizmos. Autobot, then Decepticon, then Autobot.
  7. TylerMirage
    So tell me, what should a “Jetfire” be like, huh? Should he be red-and-white? Orange-and-white? White-and-green? Black? Should he combine with Jetstorm to make a bigger robot? Or save that for Optimus only? Should he speak with a Russian accent? Or Australian? What kind of alternate mode? Sleek fantasy spaceship? Traditional Earth spaceship? SR-71? Cargo plane? What about his character? Decepticon-turned-Autobot? Autobot scientist? Loyal SIC for Optimus? Autobot flying science experiment?Because I tell ya’, other than a few iconic characteristics like AERIAL ALT MODE, I can’t really tell you what a “Jetfire” should be.

    What should an “Ironhide” be like? Red van? Cow-coloured pick-up truck? Massive black truck? Arm cannons? Laser rifle? Armored alloy super power? Cowboy? British?
  8. TylerMirage
    This is going to be a multi-message message from me, by the way.

    You see, when people complain about name-slapping in the movies, it's because they're having a knee-jerk reaction to bash the movies for whatever reason they see fit. In this case, name-slapping. They're under the impression that Bay was the first person to "twist" a character and pervert them from their original design/portrayal. They're dead wrong. If they actually stopped to think about it, they'd realize just how wrong they are. As I said, name-slapping was used the moment that G1 ended and the franchise continued on. Beast Wars, RID, Unicron Trilogy, Bayformers, Animated, TFP, WFC/FOC, RB, whatever. They ALL use name-slapping.

    I'll take a snippet out of one of my "save this argument for TFW2005"-piles:

    (Note: Any animosity in my message isn't towards you, but the general "Bayformers is teh dumb because name-slapping-crowd")
  9. TylerMirage
    I mean, there's so much name-slapping that goes on in the franchise in general, there's so few characters that actually have a limited set of parameters to stick with. People claim that Bayformers does a lot of name-slapping, but no more than any other series of Transformers. G1 Hound is essentially a blank slate when it comes to reinterpretation of the character. They can do whatever they want with the character, since G1 is the only substantial thing he's appeared in. It'll sort of be like Bumblebee/Ratchet. Prior to Bayformers, where were they? That's right, just G1.
  10. TylerMirage
    Honestly, I'm the exact same way regarding changing the characters (and it's awesome that you are too ). I mean, there's a few characters that I always want a certain core characteristic to stick with (Ratchet = medic, Starscream = jet, etc.), but other than that, I'm all for change, hence why you might've seen me harping the forums about how the Transformers fandom and franchise in general seems to abhor anything that's different. Making Jetfire a cranky old SR-71? Love it. Make Shockwave a silent assassin? Sure. Make Ironhide a British hitman? Go for it. If it makes them unique from previous incarnations, then I say make it happen!

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