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  1. HylianBelmont
    It was more subtle in Awakening. But she did have it in lines like "such short years" for example. Either way I love her voice for the character in general. Very sincere-sounding! I've also heard that her characters tend to have that kind of sound to their voices haha.

    But what kind of overall voice cast are you hoping for with Echoes? Personally I'd like one similar to Fates and Heroes. With a good balance of voice actors that are newer and/or don't tend to do "anime" games often. With your usual JRPG VAs in roles that test their range etc. Really gives it a fresh sound overall you know?
  2. HylianBelmont
    I suppose I can get where you're coming from there. Although personally Tiso's voice for the character is the most distinctive and memorable to me. The voice does sound a tad raspy, but IMO that just adds to the voice's uniqueness. And While I do love Miyuki Sawashiro and Misty Lee as Camilla as well. I have to say that Paula Tiso is my favourite!

    I admittedly can't tell if Liam actually WAS going for an english accent in Awakening or not. Because there are some lines where it sounds like he is, and other lines where he just has a "posh" american sound to his voice. I also noticed that Tiki's english accent is a lot stronger in Heroes vs. Awakening. Perhaps having longer lines has something to do with it?
  3. HylianBelmont
    Liam's Inigo wasn't particularly bad either I personally thought. But I suppose my main issue with it is that the tone wasn't particularly consistent IMO. He's perfect in Fates however.

    Paula Tiso's Camilla had a fairly interesting reaction as well IIRC. Some people hate it and some people adore it haha (I think I like her Orochi slightly more as well though, if only for her FANTASTIC critical quote delivery) But I actually do love Cam Clarke's work as Corrin myself. Mainly because his delivery has the most range overall IMHO, and because he's played the character the most out of all the English VAs. I mean you can tell how comfortable he is in the role just by listening to his quotes in Heroes. The man brings a certain warmth to his voice that's so pleasant to listen to I'd say!

    And personally I'm rather glad Julianne Alexander came back for FE Heroes! Catria has one of the best female voices I've ever heard in the franchise to be honest.
  4. HylianBelmont
    I do like some of Yuri's battle quotes! But I think he works for characters like Kiragi, Merric and Marth a lot better IMO.

    Also I noticed that Anankos said "I want my blood back'" in Travis's clip. And I don't recall him ever saying that in the game at all... Must be an unused voice clip I suppose.

    But just out of curiosity. What's a voice in either Awakening or Fates that a lot of people aren't fond of but you are? Personally I've always rather liked Nicole Balick's Morgan (even if it does sound a tad "old") and David Stanbra's Siegbert is just too cute and awkward for me dislike honestly haha. And I actually think it works really well for his character when you consider that he IS an "awkward prince trying to live up to his intimidating and charismatic father" IMO!
  5. HylianBelmont
    All of his characters have their own distinctive tones I'd say. Which is impressive considering he plays seven. And yeah Kaze's one of my personal favourites too! He's pretty down-to-earth and likable, and David Stanbra's performance really sells that.

    I also love how Travis Willingham and Cam Clarke voice both Garon/Corrin and both forms of Anankos respectively. Pretty interesting casting there I'd say haha.
  6. HylianBelmont
    Yeah it's fine! But anyway, have you listened to some of the voice clips for characters in either Awakening or Fates? Listening to ones for characters like Kaze, Xander, Sumeragi etc. And knowing they're done by the same actor is so weird/cool sometimes haha.

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