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  1. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I agree. That's one of the reasons I don't think I would enjoy the voice acting profession. That, and the idea of standing in a booth, staring at paper and a screen, and performing while being observed by a director and having my every move scrutinized for several hours sounds exhausting and anxiety inducing.

    While getting to provide your voice to animated characters and getting fans for it sounds like a lot of fun, you gotta look at what the actual work entails and decide whether it's for you or not. It sounds kinda rough for my personality type.
  2. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I agree that if being a VA is something he still really, really wants to do, he shouldn't let a moron like Chris deter him. However, it's still worth realizing that if he were to become a voice actor, these are the types of people he will regularly interact with. People who are that conceited and petty about people thinking differently. It might not be worth the stress to work in an environment where those kind of people are.

    If he thinks he could truly be happy just keeping his thoughts to himself and private company, then that would be alright. However, you and I both know how outspoken he is, and I'm not sure if he'd be happy having to stay silent just to appease people like that.
  3. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I really, really hope to see a day when Bio stops putting them on a pedestal and just outright tells them what d-bags they are when they act like that instead of backpedaling or sucking up to them. They're just people who do voices in Japanese cartoons for a living. There's nothing special about them and they're not above reproach, regardless of how much they've inspired him in the past.

    Perhaps if Bio runs into a few more Chris Pattons, he'll stop with the nearly blind loyalty he has for these people and start seeing them as ordinary human beings, who can be just as dumb and crappy as the people he calls out on his political twitter account.
  4. PsychicVoiceSpy
    Yes, I have. I even wrote Bio a few lengthy messages on his page defending him and telling him that Chris is a petty coward whose opinion of him isn't worth sh*t, and that his (Chris') decision to leave twitter is his own fault.

    Obviously we can't talk politics on here, but I saw what Bio was saying and he was 100% in the right. Due process and innocent-until-proven-guilty are things that we can't afford to compromise on as a free society.

    Honestly, over the last several years since I joined the site, I've gotten to where I don't admire VA's nearly as much as I used to. So, so many of them come across as conceited, close-minded, and dogmatic about their political opinions.
  5. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    Eh, it's no biggy at the end of the day.
  6. NCZ
    This is my face when I argue with gamers.
  7. Autovolt
    jesus christ.
  8. Music Meister
    Music Meister
    I think its cool and look forward to hearing how he does.
  9. NCZ
  10. Music Meister
    Music Meister
    It’s ways nice to see some new takes on certain characters. Although sometimes it feels like I turn away for like a minute a suddenly like 50 DC and/or Marvel compares need updates lol.

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