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  1. CatsTuxedo
    Yep. Tried watching it not too long ago and it was just so annoying and dull, I kept wondering how anyone could love it, let alone like it because I had such a hard time trying to find anything to like. No aspect of it ever reaches a level where I can latch onto it and say "this is one of the show's good points". The animation is bereft of personality, the score is forgettable, the writing is boring and the main character's just an annoying jerk. I suppose the voice actors' efforts are valiant, but even they can't make their characters or anything that goes on in the series more interesting.
  2. CatsTuxedo
    I find myself not feeling as strongly about it since it happens so rarely, but because males voicing female-originated characters ticks me off so much, I acknowledge that I should hold the same standard toward the inverse.
  3. Ross123
    Never actually heard of it. Because of that, I searched into it. Shame it's only Japan cause it looks like a pretty decent game. Oh by the way, I believe your avatar is Kleude is it not. Did some character digging when you mentioned your avatar being one. And the hero, Blood is it, does look kinda like Sora, I agree on that one.
  4. Ross123
    I was never on Skype. It was mostly Facebook, I wasn't allowed near anything else after some unspeakable incidents.

    We'll still start a convo here like you said but I did state that I'll look into it. See what I can get onto, I've changed my incidents. I'm not going to make the same mistakes again.
  5. Ross123
    Oh, my apologies.
  6. skiballhero
    Did Catstuxedo get the 52 list yet? I haven't heard back from him, I was just wondering if he got the list I sent him some time ago. I have documented proof he promised to do the list, the entire list.
  7. Ross123
    I hate to bring this up but I got banned from a lot of social media because I did a lot of stupid stuff in the past which I very much regret. Don't bother asking cause it's personal ok. I'm very lucky to be allowed on this, sorry.

    Look I'll see about it if you want.
  8. Ross123
    Hey sorry I never got back to to you. I'm not on my forum page very often but if you ever read my comment above, you won't be left waiting for so long.


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