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  1. WrightWay

    Exactly! It's a shame, but...well, you know...

    Pretty much, unfortunately.
  2. WrightWay
    Sounds good- I appreciate the sub efforts 4KMedia/Konami are doing like when they were 4Kids in later years for Yu-Gi-Oh getting *official* Japanese Version with English subbed releases, if nothing else, I feel that could be worse (*coughs* Pokemon, Digimon save for Tri, Beyblade *coughs*).

    Indeed. Same here, I'm doubtful they'll ever get with the times- it's aggravating because I feel like they have genuinely talented VAs in their roster like Ted Lewis, Eric Stuart, Dan Green, Amy Birnbaum, Greg Abbey, and Wayne Grayson (Vinnie Penna) that could really shine with a faithful script and the Japanese music kept (Eric & Amy did incredibly well in the later 4Kids-dubbed Pokemon Movies under those circumstances, for example, imo).

    Very strange: very strange. Hopefully, they iron it out and use the proper subs for future releases, would hate to see dub text on the Japanese Version (the intention would be good, the result bad).
  3. GreenGoblin75
    Eh, actually watching more...Tatum's grown on me as Brotherhood Scar. I think they're both perfect as their own versions of the character.

    Problem is, Scar is a very different character altogether in the two shows.
  4. WrightWay
    That's a good step in the right direction, yeah, we just need Zexal subbed.

    I think there are some decent voices, but some of them are way off, imo. Indeed, I'm getting the same vibe on VRains dubbed as well.

    Oh dear...yeah, I hope we don't just get the dub's dialogue superimposed over the Japanese Version: it's good that they released the Japanese Version, yeah, but they should get someone to write faithful English subs of it rather than superimposed dub lines over it.
  5. GreenGoblin75
    I'm just kinda OK with Brotherhood Scar, Ling and Mustang have taken over for my favorite characters. Up to where I'm at episode-wise (Interlude Party) they seem to mainly focus on his anger. The 2003 version got some other range of emotions beside that. Tatum's pretty good in the role, great screaming, but he can sound pretty forced at times when he makes the voice gruffer. Kinda related, but I prefer Mustang being the killer of you-know-who's parents, it adds more depth to his wanting to be the Fuhrer (although I kinda find PTSD Roy an interesting take on the character altogether) whereas with Scar it kinda takes away from his sympathy although you can kinda understand why he freaked out.
  6. GreenGoblin75
    "No, not you, but her. I hated my brother so much. He turned his back on the teachings of Ishbala and immersed himself in the sac-religion of alchemy. Even though he gave me his arm to save my life, there was no room left in my hate filled heart for forgiveness. But the Elric brothers, they live only for each other...Seeing their love for each other. They made me long to say those word myself: Brother, I love you."

    Lust: "So that's why you did the same thing for his younger brother, as your brother did for you."

    Scar: "Come on, let's go. This life of wickedness has one closing act."
  7. GreenGoblin75
    So just curious, what are your thoughts on Scar's portrayal between the two FMA animes (spoiler-free for Brotherhood if possible) along with his actors?

    Scar was my favorite character in 2003, personally, with Mustang a close second. The way they handled him made him super scary and intense at the beginning, but they also made him very sympathetic and interesting. Plus, all his stuff with Lust and connecting as a sort of Shadow to Al was really well done. And for some reason, I kinda prefer the younger design. And I thought my fave VA Dameon Clarke did an amazing job in the role. Especially Episode 42.
  8. WrightWay
    No, I have not! I'm glad 4KMedia/Konami are still at least continuing the practice of subbing the Yu-Gi-Oh Episodes on Crunchyroll!

    (Unfortunately I agree on the dub...wish they would get with the times, it's 2017 after all, but knowing them...argh- the only two dub voices I really liked in Arc V tbqh were Reiji/Declan and Shun/Shay, the dub itself is just unbearable imo).

    This is an improvement in some form, though, I like it.
  9. GreenGoblin75
    Ah, hope she's doing better.

    With the rain part? Yeah same. I kinda felt that was Brotherhood's best part in the funeral.

    It's interesting how different Travis sounds in the two dubs. The first thing I noticed was that Roy's voice dropped like two octaves. Still, he's pretty awesome in the role in both shows.

    Speaking of actors, I met Vic Mignogna, Chris Sabat and Todd Haberkorn at a con a while back. Along with Sean Schemmel, Kevin Conroy, and Loren Lester.
  10. GreenGoblin75
    Stuff like this is why I prefer 2003 Hughes: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Odr_ZCrtv4I

    You got to see how he impacted the Elrics and Roy way more, and they gave him a lot more serious and intelligent moments to balance out the comedic ones.

    To be fair, in 2003 he had 25 episodes of screen time compared to less than 10.

    Still, both shows really did a great job with the funeral.

    "It's..It's going to rain today..."
    "Yeah, I'm fine...except that...It's a terrible day for rain..."
    "But sir, it's not raining."
    "Yes...It is..."

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