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General Rules

Below is a list of general site rules. This is a forum where older and younger fans can share their love of this hobby. Just because you don't see a specific rule here doesn't mean it's okay to post. Most boil down to common sense. If you have a question, ask a staff member.

1. No Insults, Trolling, Flaming, Name Calling, Harassing, Etc.
We will not tolerate insults, excessive profanity or throwing a topic off course. Use of racial or bigoted terms is not accepted. Keep topics/posts where they belong.

You and any alternate ID's will be permanently banned immediately. If you're sharing your computer with a roommate or family member, please contact us to avoid bannings.
2a. Report known member alternate IDs
If it is discovered that you know of another member's alternate identity and do not report it, or discover it and try to "hide" it from moderators, you will receive an automatic temporary ban from the site. Banned members are gone for a reason, assisting them in getting back on the site/boards makes you just as guilty.

3.Do Not Contact Voice Actors On Behalf Of The Site
Please do not contact performers or crew on our behalf on social media, e-mail, or by other means. If you wish to communicate with them, understand that you are not officially affiliated with the administrative team and thus, do not represent us in any capacity.

4. No Discussion On Politics, Religion or Abortion
This includes signatures, user titles and avatars.

5. Do Not Sell, Share, Link To, Offer Or Ask For Copyrighted Materials
This includes movies, music, games, roms, comics, programs, etc.

6. No Posting Of Porn Or Gore Images
This includes any form of nudity or images deemed gross or disgusting.

7. No Public Discussion On Staff Actions
Do not mouth off or publicly question staff decisions. If you have a problem, comment or question, contact a member of the BTVA Staff.

8. No Website Advertising
Any posts or threads to promote a website or store, will be removed. You may place a link in your signature. The more you contribute to threads, the more exposure your site will get.

9. Do Not Post Things For Banned Members
This includes artwork, customs, sales or requests. Once they are banned, they are done with this forum.

10. Do Not Steal Bandwidth
Hotlinking to an image on another site could result in your image being replaced by a nasty or pornographic image. Use a photo hosting website.

11. No Spam
We do not allow spamming in our general forums.

12. Do Not Post Private Conversations
This includes PM's, IM's and emails.

13. Keep Off-Site Drama Off This Site
If it happened elsewhere then don't bring it here.

14. No Repeat Posting
If you have already made a request/comment/question somewhere in the forums, do not repeatedly make the same or related posts. We have seen your post, no need to repeatedly say the same thing. This is sometimes called 'bumping' - needlessly posting in a thread with the intent of getting said thread to the top of the list again, without actually contributing content or information that is worthwhile. Moderators and administrators are allowed to do so for various reasons. Members are not.

15. No Member IDs that mirror a Real Voice Actor Name
You are not allowed to register using the name of a real life individual unless you are in fact that real life individual. You may be asked to provide authentication if there is any question about your identity.

16. No Personal Ads
This isn't Craig's List. If you're looking for a roommate or a hot date, you're on the wrong site.

Warnings and Infractions:

If you break one of the above rules you may receive a Warning or Infraction. A Warning is generally given for a minor first offense. A warning is an official reminder to follow the rules. After a Warning, or for a more severe offense you will receive an Infraction. Each infraction is worth a certain number of points depending on the rule that was violated. When you reach certain point totals you will receive temporary bans.

Inappropriate Language: 1 Point
Minor Rule Violation:
2 Points
Major Rule Violation:
5 Points
Disrespecting an Administrator or Moderator:
10 Points

10 Points: 2 Weeks
20 Points: 2 Months
30 Points: 6 Months
40 Points: 1 Year
50 Points: 2 Years
51 Points: Permanent

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