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  1. JTurner
    I did notice. Unfortunately, they seem to be missing some voice directors. Bill Timoney had a couple of voice acting credits to his resume, and so did Charles Campbell. Somebody is going to have to inform the folks at BTVA to include them in there too.

    I didn't know I could favorite them either. That's great!
  2. Fulgore2005
    I don't know if you already have seen it, but there's a section for Voice Directors now. You can also favourite them as well.

  3. JTurner
    I actually just finished watching SWORD ART ONLINE yesterday. It's a flawed but fun show from start to finish, and yes, I thought the dub was fantastic as well. Leigh was GREAT as Asuna, and I thoguht the chemistry between her and Bryce was great as well. I wrote a more detailed review of the dub on the "What are you watching now" thread on FandomPost's forums.

    I hate that it's so freakin' expensive though; I was only able to see it via Netflix.
  4. Fulgore2005
    I take it that you like the Sword Art Online dub. Iould tell from the comment on Cherami Leigh's MyAnimeList page.

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