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  1. DisneyAnimefan1995
    I made Dream Casts of Hunter x Hunter (2011) if the show was dubbed at Studiopolis back in 2016 and one if it were to be dubbed at Bang Zoom! in 2013.

    Check them out if you have the chance.

    Hunter x Hunter Dream Cast

    I'll also be planning to create another version with an All-Star cast once I get the chance.
  2. DisneyAnimefan1995
    Hi Brave-King Shishio, What's up?

    I know you seldom respond back but made some fan castings on the anime series Carole and Tuesday and 7Seeds. Hope to hear your responses and opinions on the castings for both series.

    1. Carole and Tuesday

    2. 7Seeds
  3. DisneyAnimefan1995
    Hey thanks Brave-King-Shishio, for liking the Disney Revival CG Films dream cast post I made, I really appreciate the feedback and compliments for the cast I put down.

    The head-cannon casting choices were months in the making and I didn’t got a chance to post them asap until now, and I got to say I’m very proud with the castings I chose for Rapunzel, Mother Gothel, Cassandra, Elsa, Anna, Ralph, Vanellope and the Big Hero 6 cast (particularly Go Go and Honey Lemon).

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