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  1. DisneyAnimefan1995
    Speaking of Bang Zoom!, the 2013 Bang Zoom! dream cast took me a while, because I had to look back at the past Bang Zoom! dubs that came out in 2013-16 and the actors that were present at the time hence the different roles and multicasting of certain actors as specific characters (e.g. Patrick Seitz, Kyle Hebert). I also didn't included Tara Sands and Ben Diskin in this because the former didn't started doing work at Bang Zoom! until late 2015/early 2016 while Ben Diskin although had done a couple of projects at Bang Zoom! he didn't started appearing in ANY of the Tony Oliver directed dubs until Magi: The Adventures of Sindbad in December 2015.
  2. DisneyAnimefan1995
    Good Choice didn't think of Wally Wingert when I made this the first time but now looking back, I still wished that Viz had sent this to Studiopolis instead of Bang Zoom!

    Matt was fine as Leorio, but frankly I thought he would've been cast better as Ging, Wing or Kite but not Leorio. Another thing on the HxH dub was that some actors being cast as a specific character felt miscast (Dalzollene, Silva), but the biggest detriment for the HxH dub was withholding certain actors (e.g. Patrick Seitz, Tara Sands, Ben Diskin, Max Mittelman, Karen Strassman, Kyle McCarley, Cherami Leigh, etc.) just to be cast as this specific character either late in the show are around the show's ending run instead of having them appear in the earlier episodes of HxH. On top of that, the dub tends to re-use certain actors like Kyle Hebert, Tony Oliver, Ray Chase, among others as 4-8 different characters during the show's run that some of the voices sounded too recognizable.
  3. Autovolt
    one idea i had was Wally Wingert as Leorio for the Studiopolis dub
  4. DisneyAnimefan1995
    That's okay just wanted to share your thoughts.

    Anyway's I also made Dream Casts of Hunter x Hunter (2011) if the show was dubbed at Studiopolis back in 2016 and one if it were to be dubbed at Bang Zoom! in 2013.

    Check them out if you have the chance.

    Hunter x Hunter Dream Cast
  5. Autovolt
    i don't know either series
  6. DisneyAnimefan1995
    Hi Autovolt.

    I know you seldom respond back but made some fan castings on the anime series Carole and Tuesday and 7Seeds. Hope to hear your responses and opinions on the castings for both series.

    1. Carole and Tuesday

    2. 7Seeds
  7. DisneyAnimefan1995
    Speaking of Stephanie, I haven't seen Stephanie Sheh in ANY new productions at Bang Zoom! cause aside from her reprisals of her previous work Stephanie's last recent project at Bang Zoom! was Erased and given that most of her new anime voice work right now is either at NYAV Post and Studiopolis these days, particularly the former where she works as an ADR director, I don't think she would've gotten the role of Nui if the KLK dub was done in 2017/2018.

    (Part 3)
  8. DisneyAnimefan1995
    I mean think about it, I'm seeing a lot more actors from the AX Idol and Bang Zoom! voice acting workshops appearing in so many BZ! productions right now (e.g. Kayli Mills, Ryan Bartley, etc..) compared to how it was back 2013-2014, there are so many actors from New York or Dallas/Houston moving to LA, some actors aren't utilized frequently as they once were at Bang Zoom! such as Christine Cabanos Sure Christine keeps getting new roles at Bang Zoom! "here and there" but sparingly given the competition with other actresses that audition for roles. On top of that, some of them have stopped gaining new roles at Bang Zoom! as of now such as Stephanie Sheh and Matt Mercer and it's usually reprisals their doing.

    (Part 2)
  9. DisneyAnimefan1995
    I can understand what you're saying on the Kill la Kill cast I made and Agree to Disagree. But to be honest, Bang Zoom! has drastically changed on how they utilize their actors in their talent pool right now in the last 2-3 years compared to when they were under new management in 2011-14 when they barely got started utilizing new talent in their dubs.

    (Part 1)
  10. Autovolt
    I wasn't aware.

    well they better cast Vic in the dub then.

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