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  1. JSD
    Of the current voices for the dub, there are a few I unfortunately dislike (IMO, feel free to disagree):

    - Sarah Natochenny's Ash (late S9-S11)-- I feel the voice sounded way too deep to be a 10 year old boy during this time. It just lacked a lot of emotion and enthusiasm.
    - Bill Rogers' Brock (S12-S13)-- The voice used here sounded way too deep to be a 15 year old teenager to me. It simply doesn't fit the character.
    - Carter Cathcart's Meowth (S14-present)-- I feel he simply cannot pull off any of Meowth's kinder or cuter moments at all. It's really jarring to see him try it in BW for some reason. XD.
    - Carter Cathcart's Professor Oak; Sarah Natochenny's Delia; Michele Knotz's May-- All three of these voices are downright bad to me. I just don't like any of them.

    Other than that, all other voices from these voice actors, or in different seasons of their work, don't bother me and I have no problem with them.
  2. JSD
    I wish I could tell you how he and Kayzie Rogers managed to do so. We've sadly never gotten the answer to that question. There's supposedly an excuse that the 4Kids voice actors were all blacklisted for two years due to contracts with 4Kids by TPCi, and that does have some merit seeing as how in S11 many of them returned as well as the fact Jimmy and Kayzie were blacklisted for jumping ship to TAJ back in 2006, but the original voice actors for the main characters have fervently denied that claim and say they were all freelance and could've chosen to go to the current dubbers. They claim the option was never given to them (with the exception of Stuart Zagnit).
  3. SupremeTarantulas
    I'm wondering how did Jimmy Zoppi manage to stay when the dub switched? He was Gary in the 4kids dub and TCPI.

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