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  1. WrightWay

    Exactly! It's a shame, but...well, you know...

    Pretty much, unfortunately.
  2. 1dbad
    Yeah, as those myriad of examples shows, subs for localized dubs are really rare. The fact Yugioh is one of the exceptions in that regard goes to show how great the demand must be.

    Agreed! Their talent pool is one of the biggest reasons I want an uncut dub. I'd love to see what they could do with better material, and an uncut dub would help more people discover just how different the two versions of the show are.

    I hope so too. In any case, it's not an issue we'll deal with often. The movies are the only thing they're capable of releasing dual-audio, unless their dubbing practices change one day.
  3. WrightWay
    Sounds good- I appreciate the sub efforts 4KMedia/Konami are doing like when they were 4Kids in later years for Yu-Gi-Oh getting *official* Japanese Version with English subbed releases, if nothing else, I feel that could be worse (*coughs* Pokemon, Digimon save for Tri, Beyblade *coughs*).

    Indeed. Same here, I'm doubtful they'll ever get with the times- it's aggravating because I feel like they have genuinely talented VAs in their roster like Ted Lewis, Eric Stuart, Dan Green, Amy Birnbaum, Greg Abbey, and Wayne Grayson (Vinnie Penna) that could really shine with a faithful script and the Japanese music kept (Eric & Amy did incredibly well in the later 4Kids-dubbed Pokemon Movies under those circumstances, for example, imo).

    Very strange: very strange. Hopefully, they iron it out and use the proper subs for future releases, would hate to see dub text on the Japanese Version (the intention would be good, the result bad).
  4. 1dbad
    I think they'll start it once they finish subbing Arc-V. (which should be in August?)

    Yeah, they make some really strange casting choices... At this point, I'm just happy we have a simulcast. I still want an uncut (or at least Darkside of Dimensions caliber) dub, but I've almost given up on it.

    What's odd is 4K Media did properly subtitle the movie for a limited run theatrical screening of the Japanese version a while back. I'm guessing this may be an issue on Anchor Bay's part. Their recent release of Ghost In The Shell caused a controversy due to a few different issues, one of which being using dubtitles instead of subtitles.
  5. WrightWay
    That's a good step in the right direction, yeah, we just need Zexal subbed.

    I think there are some decent voices, but some of them are way off, imo. Indeed, I'm getting the same vibe on VRains dubbed as well.

    Oh dear...yeah, I hope we don't just get the dub's dialogue superimposed over the Japanese Version: it's good that they released the Japanese Version, yeah, but they should get someone to write faithful English subs of it rather than superimposed dub lines over it.
  6. 1dbad
    I like the improvement too. They're getting shockingly good about it. Only series left that needs to be subbed is Zexal!

    I didn't mind the Arc-V cast too much (minus the crazy ones like Gong being changed from a samurai to a cowboy), but the faithfulness of the script really took a nosedive. I'd like to be hopeful for VRains, but it feeling like 5D's 2.0 so far isn't making me optimistic.

    I'm also getting a bit concerned for Darkside of Dimensions release. An anime review blogger got a copy of the Blu-Ray (4K Media sent it to him early for review purposes), and he's saying that there aren't any subtitles for the Japanese version. Apparently the only closed captioning available is dubtitles, which don't match the Japanese dialogue at all... I'm really hoping this ends up being an issue with just his copy rather than the release as a whole.
  7. WrightWay
    No, I have not! I'm glad 4KMedia/Konami are still at least continuing the practice of subbing the Yu-Gi-Oh Episodes on Crunchyroll!

    (Unfortunately I agree on the dub...wish they would get with the times, it's 2017 after all, but knowing them...argh- the only two dub voices I really liked in Arc V tbqh were Reiji/Declan and Shun/Shay, the dub itself is just unbearable imo).

    This is an improvement in some form, though, I like it.
  8. 1dbad
    Have you heard about Yu-Gi-Oh! VRains getting simulcasted on Crunchyroll yet? I'm sure VRains eventual dub will be of the same quality Arc-V's was, but I am glad we don't have to wait for legal subs at least. It took over 2 years for us to get subs for Arc-V, so having the latest episode an hour and a half after it airs in Japan is quite the difference!
  9. 1dbad

    For sure!
  10. WrightWay
    Good to know I've met someone who thinks similarly/on my wavelength here.

    Agreed on all fronts: awesome, at least "Dark Side of Dimensions" is faring FAR better than the (imo, awful) Arc V dub has!

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