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  1. Starscreamsfan
  2. Starscreamsfan
    Very nice.

    Heh, yeah, I was having fun with Black Cat's sarcasm. Of course, the joke of liking radio more is kinda 50's or 60's, but it works well within the story.

    Very nice, all we have to do then is figure out what to do with Barbera's sub-plot, 'cause again, I was thinking about not focusing on any particular year, but since your series takes place in the modern age, I'm thinking about making Barbera's father be involved with the case in order to fit your continuity, so then we won't worry about making Barbera too old. It would still work, because Barbera is a very proud man, and thinking about his father failing one case might make him upset.

    And yeah, Farnum's accident will be another script.
  3. Starscreamsfan

    Yeah, a lot of people are gonna help her in this. And since Nightwing is an old friend of hers, it would be natural for him to help her.

    Wally is still Kid Flash mainly because he's just a bit immature. I picture him having a more childish demeanor compared to Wonder Girl.

    Man, guess Plas, Guy and Supergirl are in trouble.

    Those sound like cool ideas.

    Hahaha, Steve is so excited.

    Good idea for a first short before the movie.

    Yeah, Jeff's Sylvester sounded pretty good.
  4. SupremeTarantulas
    Just lucky I shared these beg ire they were found and removed cause these are the only copies.

    I might share a few more Looney Tunes. You'll love them.

    Sylvester vs. Pete Puma over Tweety. In another Michigan J. Frog trolls him. The Beaky Buzzard one is great too.

    They're "Mysteries" episodes but these subplots are better due to fun and/or violence.

    And speaking of cats.

    Gonna try more sarcastic stuff myself cause imagining a sarcastic Jennifer Hale was fun.

    Actually in Season 6 dies and Peter retires after The Avengers form, thinking with them and SHIELD, Spidey's not needed. This could be around then, as Pete tries to get back into action when your incident happens.

    Is that another script?

    Only issue I found actually is Barbera's age. He'd be in his 90's as that seasi. takes place in the present
  5. SupremeTarantulas
    Yeah. I found it a few years back and loved it cause it shows Looney Tunes could have still worked if Warner Bros. tried.

    It was intended fir failures but when Looney Tunes Back In Action bombed st the box offices it went on the DVD release, along with the others short I shared.

    These would be the first of many shorts before my DC flicks.

    And yeah it's really great and violent.

    Jeff Bennett is great in particular. I thought Sylvester was Joe Alaskey, but this shirt is on Jeff's Vc clip.

    I love his Yosemite Sam too, which gonna be his Quickstrike in Revolution.

    Wish he did more.
  6. SupremeTarantulas
    Yeah, someone on Earth had a run in with Mongul who wanted them for War World.

    The mystery character(whose identity is a plot twist) and Mongul put a bounty on Plas, Supergirl, and Giy Gardner to use them instead. It takes their 3 flicks to resolve this and get back to Earth.

    John Stewart gets Despero as his flick's villain and Guy is a supporting character there. This is after Guy's War World venture which is first mission in the GL corps.

    These are made to flesh out Hal's flicks and villains like Parallax or Sinestro would be in the sequels after these spin-offs. The Manhunters are in the first.

    And a new twist with Sonar, he makes himself half-Manhunter and leads them.

    And here's Steve general attitude toward getting a ring, he uses it to tune radio frequencies in Metropolos and dance in the streets.

  7. SupremeTarantulas
    Well gonna do so we can approve them.

    I'm talking to Dyna about the arc already, and I'll ask MB about Sinestro after that.

    Goblin needs to address the fate of Atrocitus in all this.

    Well Dick is only a few years into his career Nighwing so we can have him help Donna out.

    They have a bond in the comics anyway cause Dick was her friend in "Man's World".

    Same with whatever Wally's going through. He can coach him into settling into his stunt name.

    Dick matured fast thanks to getting into it with Bruce.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    Checked the first short. I really enjoyed the escapades of Sylvester and Tweety. I particularly liked it when Sylvester got separated by the prism.

    Gonna check the other one in a bit.
  9. Starscreamsfan
    Well, I think you should post your plots here so others can see if any of their characters are involved:


    I see.

    Okay, I guess we could work that out, but at this point, Donna still has a lot to learn, since she recently got hypnotized into killing and is gonna feel regretful about that, 'cause she feels she has been getting sloppy.

    Very nice. Lobo sounds like he'll be a real treat.

    Okay, I'll be waiting.

    Very nice. Another GL being close to Clark (since I'm playing up the idea of Hal and Clark treating each other like brothers).
  10. SupremeTarantulas
    Forgot these two ideas.

    I'm replacing Ganthet with another Superman claim, this one in Metropolis, and one if Clark's co-workers. Another Green Lantern of Earth, Steve Lombard...

    And starting the arc with Hal and John taking on an Omega Corps. One of Hal's old enemies, Sonar

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