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  1. VoteForSirAtlas
    @SmartyBoyboy: I have a recommendation to you. Can you use Mike Pollock, Ian James Corlett, Michael Donovan, Saffron Henderson, Matt Hill, Trevor Devall, Chiara Zanni, Mark Hildreth, Laura Harris, Jillian Michaels, Chris Kalhoon, Philip Maurice Hayes, Michael Benyaer, Carly McKillip (the voice of Sakura Avalon in Cardcaptors), Rochelle Greenwood and Peter Kelamis in your Los Angeles-based dream casts? And Onalea Gilbertson in New York City-based anime dream casts, too?
  2. VoteForSirAtlas
    @SmartyBoyboy: Listen to Julie Maddalena's voice again from 00:56 at http://video.voicebank.net/vb2pub/15...Animation..mp3. As far as I know, Victor (the principal character) is the singer of The Why Why Family's intro. Therefore, Julie Maddalena is the real voice actress for Victor. The fact that Heidi Lenhart is the voice of Victor is incorrect. That fact comes from a website with a lot of unreliable sources. How about that?

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