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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    Regarding this


    Most of the old Marvel movies are underrated.

    Fun fact: Howard The Duck apparently is 30% better than Cap's flick and 20% better than Fantasic Four's flick, and technically second best at 70% something, beating the Nick Fury flick by 1%

    The best of these is Punisher at 80%.

    But yeah one of the worst movies of all time was technically 2nd best.

    FF got 50%, and Cap 40% but that's mainly due to it being a rushed mess, but the acting's great IMO, especially Red Skull.
  2. SupremeTarantulas
    I'vebeen to shared this TMNT premise with you.


    I combined 1987 with the original and Mirage comics in it.
  3. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    While I'm sure that Ron could pull off both, maybe keep him as The Thing. He is getting little old to be beliably Brody's college friend.
  4. SupremeTarantulas
    Is that Ron as the Thing only or Ben Grimm as well?
  5. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    I definetly would like to see F4 in MCU. The upcoming reboot doesn't look promising at all and the tone of F4 comics would fit perfectly to MCU. And with F4 we would also get tons of classic villains to MCU. How cool would it be to see Galactus, Annihilus or Dr. Doom fight The Avengers?!

    I however don't want to see Tim Story's cast. Chiklis, Evans and Gruffudd were fine (for the material they had to work with), but Alba was just awful. I'm sorry, but she can't act her way out of paper bag and Sue is one of the strongest feminist icons of the comics, so it's very important to get her right.

    Here's me personal dream cast:

    Adrien Brody - Mr. Fantastic
    Maria Bello - Invisible Woman
    Ron Perlman - The Thing
    Jake Gyllenhaal - The Human Torch
    Jared Harris - Dr. Doom
  6. SupremeTarantulas
    You think the Fantastic Four should be in the MCU? Hulk VS. Thing destroying NYC on the big screen would be awesome, and some Spidey/Human Torch bonding would be cool. Who do you should be in the cast? I think they should keep the 2005-2007 one, mainly Michael Chliss. Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba had such good chemistry together, that only using one would result in that chemistry being lost, and Chris can play Cap and Johny since Steve is being replaced with Bucky but Ioan's acting was pretty decent. We just need Doom with an accent or menace that's it IMO.

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