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  1. huzaifa_ahmed
    Took me ages to find, but I'll respond to this now:

    Freeman sounds little like either Blum or Seitz. Seitz is the deepest & thus theoreically can do perfect impressions of the others, tho the others are close enough to do each other as well.

    Seitz doesnt have the gravel that Steve has. He reminds me a lot of John DiMaggio in typecasting, but has a pretty smooth voice, whereas John & (especially) Steve have rather gruff-sounding textured voices. Finally, I agree that Steve's actual timbre isnt that that deep (closer to Liam & Keith, as you've said), it's moreso the unique gravel that makes his voice so intimidating.



    I think
  2. Domayv
    you might want to listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3WhdXPaUd8
  3. Domayv
    (since I dont want to get in trouble with the mods and admins) If you wondered why I compared Patrick to McNeil is because several of their roles do sound similar to each other (Silverbolt, for example). And yes, in the VO world in general, Burton and Cummings would be US equivalents to McNeil, but I was actually talking about the dubbing circle (notice on this website how the most viewed VAs, both this week and all time are dub VAs)

    As for describing him as Crispin Freeman + Steve Blum, take Freeman's voice and give him Blum's gruffness plus the type of characters he voices (Christopher Sabat serves as an intermediary voice-wise between Seitz and Freeman) (to put it this way, like Borderlands being Diablo meets Halo), and yes Freeman can do gruffer and deeper voices (its just seldom used due to his general typecasting but Id like to see him flex up his range)

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