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  1. Shaun Ince
    Shaun Ince
    Yeah, the dub for Kai Final Chapters was completed Early 2015. And it was way before she was cast in Uncharted 4.
  2. Super10ZX
    I had to reread your reply a couple times, but now I understand. "Alexis Tipton voiced the Trunks side of Gotenks, but Trunks himself is Laura Bailey" makes sense considering Kai tFC was apperently recorded in early 2016 before Laura became busy. I think I'll wait for the Kai page to get updated, and if Laura is still listed as Gotenks then I'll report it as an error
  3. Shaun Ince
    Shaun Ince
    Alexis Tipton only voiced the Trunks half of Gotenks. Trunks in the Kai Final Chapters dub is Laura Bailey for all the episodes. Alexis Tipton being credited as Trunks is a credits error.
  4. Super10ZX
    Hi Shaun, before I continue I would just like to thank you for confirming to me that Kaiser was Fake Cell, never would have been able to tell on my own. I just have a question for you, does Alexis Tipton voice Gotenks in DBZ Kai?

    I made an edit to my unknown VA post (http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/...31699#poststop) to try and add her as the roles, but I don't know if she did Gotenks in Kai and didn't want to make a mistake.

    Also Laura Bailey is listed as Gotenks in Kai on the website, is this a mistake or not? And I heard somewhere that Laura is no longer able to do the Gotenks voice, is there any specific reason or is that false info?

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