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  1. MasterBlaster
    I'm sorry, myself--I've been rather busy on my side, as well. I hope you're doing better in school than I did, because I didn't do so hot. XD

    Anywho, I'm glad to hear that your Sonic Boom request came out great! I saw it myself and I agree! Great job!

    I saw that playlist, as well. Not bad! I'm sure you still have a bit to go, even if it is something of a joke, but you still have a good starting ground.
  2. Super10ZX
    Sorry this reply took so long. School has been worse then I expected, but currently I'm in a cool-down period. I'm very proud of how my Sonic Boom request came out, and I've been looking for other things to request (I do have some ideas ).

    One of the things I've been working on recently is my (ALMOST) Every Video on YouTube playlist (which I started as a joke with a friend). If you want a sneek peek: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...n3-euglwx6NmeB
  3. MasterBlaster
    Oh, that's great to hear! I'd feel bad if you weren't feeling or doing particularly well!

    Anything interesting happen recently?
  4. Super10ZX
    I think I've been doing fine myself!
  5. MasterBlaster
    Hey there, Super! Long time no see, indeed!

    I'm doing good, though I could be better. Just having some monetary issues at the moment, plus the laptop that I do most of my editing work on is basically dead for the time being, among other issues, but I'm keeping a stiff upper lip!

    How about you? How have you been doing?
  6. Super10ZX
    Hey MasterBlaster, it's been a while since we last spoke. How have things been?
  7. MasterBlaster
    Also, sorry for taking a while to reply to you, myself! I've been rather busy with some personal issues, myself--what with moving into a new apartment and all. XD
  8. MasterBlaster
    I do share a bit of your sentiments, though, as I've made several requests that haven't gone up yet (Monster Allergy, Gurumin, Jungle Bunch, among others), but give it some time, they will get to it...eventually. XD

    Yeah...it is kinda sad that the anime requests are locked, and it seems like it was done somewhat recently, as well. XD But they do have a guy working on it, so...given time, even the most recent anime releases will be added to the site, though I do understand about wanting to help in that regard--I do too!

    To be honest, for a sec, I didn't know whatcha was talking about...till I looked it up! Yeah, I remember this system, or at least something similar to it! So nostalgic... Sorry to hear about your predicament, though.

    I'm also working on several other projects for requests, if you're interested in hearing about them!
  9. MasterBlaster
    Yeah, I saw. It's kinda the same with me. I had some game requests that I was setting up for (Virtua Quest, Maximo vs. Army of Zin, among others) before that news dropped. Kinda disappointing, but it does free up my schedule a bit so I can focus on more cartoon requests, so it's not the worst thing that could have happened.

    But, yeah, not to sound like a debbie-downer or anything, but you'd might wanna get comfy on waiting for the games you've requested to get added to the site. AFAIK--don't quote me on this--but, NCZ, TylerMirage, OptimusSolo and the other admins are all going through lists of everyone's requests, as well as recent media releases, and they more than likely have other personal stuff that are more important in the long run (jobs, server bills, personal lives, etc.).
  10. Super10ZX
    Hi MasterBlaster. Sorry it took a while to respond, by the time I relized you messaged me I had to go to bed, and I have some things to say so I didn't want to rush a responce.

    So you'll notice that I haven't made that much requests lately, that's because my options for things to request are quiet limited. NCZ say's he's going to try and work on anything Nintendo and has closed 2 of my request because of it (even though he really hasn't done anything yet, but he's currently doing other things and I don't know what it's like to be an admin, so I'll cut him some slack). And the anime request forums are locked for an unknown reason.

    On a side note, I wanted to request games from the VSmile (remember that system), but then I found out there's no in game credits for all the games, and I threw out the manuals years ago (and the system is so obscure that I don't think I'll find them online).

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