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  1. MasterBlaster
    Well, that's good to hear. I was a bit worried there for a minute.

    But I don't think you should be too harsh on yourself. Maybe just take a breather, a break of sorts, maybe for a month or so and come back later with a new insight and attitude. Maybe that'll be better for ya as opposed to just outright banning yourself.

    True dat. I recently saw the recent English dub trailer on Nintendo UK's YouTube channel and everyone sounds great from what I've heard so far! Definitely looking forward to it myself...as soon as I finish the base game--I'm taking my time with it and enjoying myself so far, so it'll definitely be awhile before I play the prequel story. XD
  2. RetroPokeFan
    Ahhh, don't worry. Things are pretty alright now. Been keeping away from the Voice Comparing stuff for now to avoid any further controversy.

    I don't blame NCZ and the others though. They did look pretty identical to other people's comments so I think it was probably for the best if I just not do any of those VC comments anymore.

    On the plus side, it won't be long until that new Xenoblade 2 prequel comes out. Can not wait to hear more of Skye Bennett, David Menkin and John Schwab not to mention the new Spidey game recently coming out.
  3. MasterBlaster
    Hey there, man. Haven't heard from you in a while. I heard about the recent incident around here and I hope everything's okay.
  4. MasterBlaster
    I'm looking forward to playing that as well...as soon as I find the time to get through my backlog first. XD

    Oh yeah, I definitely agree--it looks great! I'm glad to see OLM keeping their relationship with IG Port pretty tight and I'm interested to see what WIT brings to the table animation-wise in the next Pokémon movie. The animation in I Choose You was amazing and this is looking to be better than that already, judging by the teaser!

    Oh, yeah! We may not have much to go off of, but I'm definitely looking forward to the third installment, as well as double-dipping in Bayonetta 2 when the Switch port drops! Man...hard to believe that there was a time that Bayonetta wasn't gonna get a sequel 'cause no one wanted to fund it, and now we've got a third game coming out. Bless based Nintendo, man. XD
  5. RetroPokeFan
    Yeah, lookin forward to that new Dissidia game that's out next year. It'll be fun to play it on the TV. There's also that new Pokémon film that just got announced and the art style looks pretty good.

    That and Bayonetta 3.
  6. MasterBlaster
    How are ya, man? Looking forward to anything in particular coming up?

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