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  1. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    I hope Lee Pace does some voice acting at some point. He has a great, rich and Soothing voice that would be a perfect fit for Superman.
  2. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    On reflection, I think Udo Kier would also be an Excellent fit as Brauner if the show adapted 'Portrait of Ruin'.
  3. Lion's Edge
    Lion's Edge
    Mm... Charles Dance does sort of have a bit of an evolution on what they were going for with Patrick Stewart in Lords of Shadow which could work really well, but Udo Kier could also make for something really unique as well... though I lean slightly on Dance, due to being a hardcore GOT fan and the gravitas he can evoke for the role; almost akin to a more villainous version of the Death played by Sir Christopher Lee (the BBC Discworld adaptation).
  4. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    Who Do you think would be the best fit for Death in the Netflix Castlevania series? Charles Dance or Udo Kier?

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