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  1. Domayv
    wanna do an expanded Ocean cast of Code Geass
  2. Domayv
    Hey, VocalChamelion, your Dallas dream cast of Code Geass is pretty good, but I suggest the following changes

    * Stephanie Young for Cornelia la Britannia (Young is a much closer fit to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
    * Luci Christian for Viletta Nu
    * Colleen Clinkenbeard for Cecile Croomy
    * Mike McFarland for Jeremiah Gottwald (Mike would sound much closer to Crispin Freeman and Christopher Sabat) and Lloyd Aspund
    * Christopher Sabat for Diethard Reid
    * Jason Liebrecht for Gino Weinberg
    * Joel McDonald for Mao
    * Vic Mignona for Luciano Bradley

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