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  1. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, yes. Old-time radio shows are just priceless gems which need to be preserved for posterity. Some of them have been lost in the mists of time, sadly, but others have survived the tests of time really nicely.
  2. LichaRose
    Thank you! It's nice to know some old radio shows are preserved to an extent, so they can still be listened to.
  3. Starscreamsfan
    Check this out. It's an episode of one of my favorite radio sitcoms of all time (and yes, it's an audience show, so the laughs are real):


    Featuring Janet Waldo as Corliss Archer and Sam Edwards as Dexter Franklin.
  4. Starscreamsfan
    And now, my research on episodes 13 and 14 of Battle of the Planets. By the way, come to think of it, Buddy from episode 3 is Janet Waldo. I couldn't hear it before, but after rewatching, I think it's definetly Janet (he has that same breathy sound as Janet's other characters).

    Perilous Pleasure Cruise:
    Professor Wilde - Michael Rye
    Angie - Janet Waldo
    Captain - Michael Rye
    Spectra Trooper #1 - Michael Rye
    Spectra Trooper #2 - Alan Dinehart

    The Thing With 1000 Eyes:
    Recon Trooper #1 (Kelly) - Casey Kasem
    Recon Trooper #2 - Alan Dinehart
    Spectra Trooper - Ronnie Schell
    Co-Pilot - Ronnie Schell
  5. Starscreamsfan

    And yes, now that you told me about it, I did notice that Doom looked like Zoltar with a skull mask and a hat, thanks for confirming that it was Katse in the original version.

    Yeah, Takayo played various additional characters in various shows, including a season of the 1980-3 SuperFriends shorts. I think I'll have to re-check that 1992 Batman cartoon episode she appears in, because with the voice she has, she could have played some of the Spectra agents.

    Also, like Alan Oppenheimer before him (who seemed to be emulating Keye Luke when he played Commander Gorok), I think that's Ronnie Schell emulating Bill Woodson's speech (yet using a high voice) as Antoff.
  6. LichaRose
    Oh wow! Hopefully this can help out any editors later on too, though they'd probably want comparison clips or something for source. I figured Doom was Luke, and it's funny that in the original that that was actually a Katse guise so it winds up still oddly fitting in their adaptation.

    Thanks for the roundup! I figure the other kids might be Young or Fischer, but I guess it depends on what voice clips can be found of the latter. She seems to have been "Additional voices" in '80s stuff like Rubik and she's apparently Miss Bisby in Mr. T. For more recent material, there's Teen Titans and Avatar: The Last Airbender, though her voice may have aged some. It appears that at the time she was voicing in BOTP, she may have been credited as "Takayo Tsubouchi" had they thought to do so.
  7. Starscreamsfan
    And now for my weekend BOTP research.

    Big Robot Gold Grab:
    Spectra Commander - Casey Kasem
    Spectra Troopers - Alan Dinehart

    Ace From Outer Space:
    Captain Doom - Keye Luke
    Ergos Trooper - Keye Luke

    Fearful Sea Anemone:
    Submarine Crew Member #1 - Bill Woodson
    Submarine Crew Member #2 - Michael Rye
    Little Girl - Wendy Young?
    Little Boy #1 - Wendy Young?
    Little Boy #2 - Janet Waldo

    The Jupiter Moon Menace:
    Commander Typhon - Michael Rye
    Enemy Trooper #1 - Alan Dinehart
    Enemy Trooper #2 - Michael Rye

    A Swarm of Robot Ants:
    Antoff - Ronnie Schell
    Tramulus Trooper - Alan Dinehart

    Space Rocket Escort:
    Intercom Voice - Alan Dinehart
    Pilot - Alan Dinehart
    Spectra Trooper #1 - Casey Kasem
    Spectra Trooper #2 - Ronnie Schell
    Spectra Trooper #3 - Alan Young
    Air Traffic Controller - Michael Rye

    Beast With a Sweet Tooth:
    Caribbean Plantation Worker - Alan Dinehart
    Spectra Commander - Bill Woodson (you mentioned this character previously)
    Spectra Trooper - Ronnie Schell
  8. Starscreamsfan
    By the way, I loved Janet's measuring worm anecdote. It's just hilarious. And both Janet and Sam were wonderfully hilarious on that script reading.
  9. Starscreamsfan
    I met Ralph Peduto, who was a wonderful character actor and comedian. We became good friends and I even visited him before he passed away (he had Leukemia).

    Yeah, it's really a shame that radio doesn"t have that influential power as before.

    Oh, yes, I've always found that fact pretty peculiar and interesting. And yes, I was really amused that the commander in episode 2 looked exactly like the commander of episode 1. But the fact that they sent reels out of order really seems to have made Jameson Brewer come up with some creative ideas. He was a wonderful writer.
  10. LichaRose
    Yeah, this is just a lot of great stuff to find. What other actors have you met over time? o:. I'm not sure how influential radio is in modern acting compared to how radio shows were such a thing decades back. Audiobooks might be the closest part. It's kind of a shame.

    I might try to rewatch some more of the show as time allows, but thanks for your findings and sharing all these things! I'd seen Alan Dinehart put down as Kane in the past, probably because of how the credit situation was and how the G-Force guide attributed him to a bunch of minor/background characters. But it makes more sense if it's someone else. The fun thing about BOTP is how the episodes were all dubbed in a much different order than Gatchaman, since Tatsunoko sent reels out of order. That's why fem Katse got split up into about four women (they hadn't known her significance), and why certain Galactor commanders were also made into different guys that looked the same.

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