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  1. Shaun Ince
    Shaun Ince
    Don't worry about it. I had a feeling you might have been busy, seeing as you're a moderator now. I just felt like passing the information on to you. From one Looney Tunes fan to another.

    Also I'm pretty stoked to see how Eric Bauza is in the new shorts.
  2. Bry
    Sorry if I haven’t replied for a long time.

    I’m looking forward to the LT date, and have actually been thinking about giving those LT compares some new additions sometime soon. I’ll probably wait until those shorts show off Bauza.
  3. Shaun Ince
    Shaun Ince

    So we have a date for when they're going to premiere these new Looney Tunes shorts. June 10th. At a festival. The article goes into a bit more detail.
  4. Shaun Ince
    Shaun Ince
    I just took a listen to the Henry Hawk clip that you submitted to the Looney Tunes compare thread. Definitely not one of Jeff's better impressions. I'll reserve most of my judgement when that voice compare is actually updated.
  5. Shaun Ince
    Shaun Ince
    Well, CuriousUserX90 ended up finding the discord. And what is the first thing he does? Request to update pages.
  6. Shaun Ince
    Shaun Ince
    I just listened to it now. Wow that sounds really weird. Daffy sounded alright but Bugs, it sounds way off.
  7. Bry
    https://youtu.be/RjFoO2fmn_w @1:25

    You hear Jeff Bergman doing some weird hybrid of his Tiny Toons and TLTS Bugs. Really.. not good.

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