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  1. Norozco18
    Really, cool, thanks bro, & that's great that you contacted someone from Hi-Rez about this, cause they always have a lot of info on the casting, ya know.

    Also, sorry about the late reply, Internet problems & just finished fixing it, ya know.
  2. shawnredkid
    I already figured them out, plus I contacted someone who works with Hi-Rez about it. Also, IMDB is not highly reliable for Smite especially since they have listed actors that have not been confirmed yet so how can we tell that they voiced a role in the game... Also I so want to edit that page just to fix every little error that the person who made those edits did.
  3. Norozco18
    Hey Shawn, I just got a great Idea, what if we do a "Whose Voice Is This?" Thread for the uncredited Voice actors w/ unconfirmed characters, since the IMDB Has been updated recently, I'd say we should give it a shot, ya know.

    P.S. I also tried to do the same thing that you did on Smite, only I did this one on the Paladins, ya know.
  4. Norozco18
    Well, just let either me or the others in the VG request discussion know when you do find any leads on those 47 missing character & voice actors, ok bro.
  5. shawnredkid
    When it comes to confirmations for example the Vicious Apollo skin, who is voiced by Max Mittelman, no one is gonna find a confirmation of it like an online proof of it except the video and the IMDB page which was updated by Floofington. I asked Max at AX last year if he did, he said he did so as of right now the video by JustForPun is legit, especially with the help of someone at Hi-Rez, what more proof do they need for it. As of right now there are 47 different characters that are still unknown as to who voices them, whether we have a few guesses or have no clue as to who, but all of the others have been confirmed based on what was already released from posts on social media, JustForPun's video and from pure analysis of the audio. It's uncertain if another we will be able to complete the list before Season 5 starts, ironically the patch notes for 5.1 is this week, but I'll try to ask someone about the 47 that are missing.
  6. Norozco18
    Well that's good to know, then you should tell the others about what you've been doing in the discussion post, Besides, I've been finding confirmations, Characters & Voice actors for the SMITE video game request, & right now, I'm watching a list of SMITE Voice Pack videos & i'm already on the Fabulous Chiron.
  7. shawnredkid
    Sorry for the very late reply, I actually help out on that list as an editor, I recently posted it onto my Twitter. Most of the cast has been confirmed except like 2 gods (Vamana after the rework and Cerberus) and a bunch of skins. I'm working on figuring out who voices what by looking through social media as well as listening to the voice packs.
  8. Norozco18
    Hey Shawnredkid, you need to take a look at this voice actors list that I found, & it shows the entire Cast & Characters of SMITE, however, it's incomplete. So tell me, what do ya make of this anyway?

    P.S Apparently your User friend on reddit just recently started an investigation on the voice acting cast of SMITE, & it's going pretty good so far.

    I'll be waiting for you to respond to the message whenever you get this, ok good buddy!

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