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  1. DisneyAnimefan1995
    I do remember in the earlier episodes of Hunter x Hunter the voice actors (both the English and the seiyuu's) used to have the two credit roles in the End Credits, like in the case with Michael McConnohie ("Hank Ketchum") in Episodes 1-2 and Ray Chase in Episode 4.
  2. Marakutanay
    Ehhhh, maybe, I wouldn't know really. Then again, other actors also went uncredited for "minor" characters and sometimes one actor is just credit with one role even if they have more and others they get two characters. Maybe there is also a lenght cap and that's why not every character who speaks is credited.
  3. DisneyAnimefan1995
    In regards to why Peggy and presumably Cam Clarke went uncredited, I don't think it was a personal choice by the actor himself, but more than likely it was Bang Zoom!'s decision on wanting to stay true to the Japanese voice actor credits of Hunter x Hunter on it's later episodes, which would explain why Issei Futamata (Peggy's voice actor in the Japanese version) was credited as ONLY the Narrator and NOT "Narrator/Peggy"

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