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  1. Kioea
    Hi Tyler. Just a line to say that there have been developments regarding the full Canadian dub of Mansions of the Gods (see request page for details). Also, one of the actors has kindly offered to check with the voice director to see if he can find the remaining cast (although he cautions that some may wish to go uncredited). This is honestly farther than I ever thought I'd get.
  2. TylerMirage
    Glad you like it. That's all of your hard work paying off.
  3. Kioea
    Just thought I'd mention that my favourite part of the Dark Messiah page is the additional voices section. As you may know, or at least reasonably assume, I've been aiming to get most of those guys on the site for months (some a bit more than others). And to now be able to scroll down and look on that wall of faces (as I'm calling it)... it's just really satisfying. Also, I'm really pleased that I managed to get everyone - that's not always a guarantee.

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