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  1. huzaifa_ahmed
    Ah, but most people who do this I've noticed tend to do one region/production scenario. There are LA/Vancouver productions in real life, so that happens.

    However you don't really see Texas VAs in big-budget LA things, unfortunately...& I rarely see people mix em up in the forum. & I did notice that distinctly with many of your casts.
  2. HyperVoiceActing
    I just pick whichever voice actors I feel would be a good fit for their characters. Simple as that
  3. huzaifa_ahmed
    Just wanted to say I've noticed you tend to infuse some Texas & LA dub VAs into mostly mainstream/general Hollywood VA casts. Cool as that is, I do wonder how you developed this? Do you watch/play/listen to many foreign or dubbed things? Thanks.

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