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  1. Pokejedservo
    Please check your PM folder and your E-Mail my good man, I have a somewhat urgent matter that I wish to speak to you about.
  2. Pokejedservo
    Say FW, I recently realized something how come I am no longer an Administrator on the boards? And why is it that Private Messages no longer work for me? (It claims that my box is 100% full no matter I do.) I'd ask Optimus about this as well but he says that he doesn't like Visitor messages so...
  3. Pokejedservo
    No I am not waiting in fact I am trying to get other people interested, but I admit I am only getting a few results so far... (But I admit I do think that if I told them I can activate clips it MIGHT help because I can tell them to just tell me when they have submitted the clips and I can go ahead and activate them.) Speaking of which check your e-mail because its me giving a question on whether if your okay if a certain pic gets to be on Voice This! at all? (Among a certain other thing as well.)
  4. Foxwolf
    Sorry dude, rarely ever see these. Regarding your VC question, I would get 2 separate clips. One for when he talks as Punch, the other when he talks as Counterpunch.

    I'll get the tool done probably next week. I forget, are you waiting for that before you try to get more voice acting fans to submit recordings? Because VT is pretty deserted lately, only an odd one here and there.
  5. Pokejedservo
    While I would like an answer to my previous question I thought I would remind you to check your e-mail since I sent you an e-mail recently.
  6. Pokejedservo
    Hey FW, I was recently thinking of doing a VC for Transformers character Punch/Counterpunch (they are the same guy in which Punch is an Autobot whom can transform into a Decepticon by the name of Counterpunch). However both the Autobot Punch and Decepticon Counterpunch have different pics on the site, should I just upload the clip to both pics? (Even though it would be the same audio for both clips?) Not quite sure what to do here...


    (P.S: How is the progress on letting the rest of us admins be able to activate clips for "Voice This!"? After all as for a reminder it can help me be able to sell the idea to my fellow Amatuer Voice talent a bit more as I am a bit more able to do something about letting their clips in faster and see if anything went wrong or not.)
  7. Pokejedservo
    Say FW, you might want to check on the ads on the site because maybe its just my computer but sometimes I seem to be getting a strange sudden little occasional quick bursts of music that seem to come out of nowhere when I am on this site. Are you getting that problem too? If so is there anything that can be done about this?
  8. Pokejedservo
    BTW there Foxwolf eh you might want to fix the DeeJay Voice Compare Poll because I will admit that I... made a mistake, sorry about that...

    Oh yes and in happier news I just recently did a VC for Dudley as well.
  9. Pokejedservo
    I admit I haven't really had the time to try to make new clips for the VT pics but if its any consolation, one of the users said he had a easier time getting it to work on Firefox than Google Chrome, perhaps you can mention something like that on the VT page?

    Oh yes and I notice you have a FAQ page, nice touch but I would like to request a couple of additions to the answer over why not all VA's have pics. Namely on how sometimes not all Voice talent want people to know what they look like (in face semi-known VA Dave Mallow for example actually told us that he prefers that we don't use a real pic of him). That and some of these names are quite possibly if not actually aliases that often enough the actual people who use these aliases only use them occasionally. Granted while a lot of aliases are known for being used by known actors there are still some aliases out there that remain obscure, just thought I mention that.
  10. Foxwolf
    Hey man, keep bugging me about this until I do it. But in any case, starting next week I'm going to be having a lot more time to work on the site so hang tight. It WILL be done soon. In the meantime, can you do me a favor and test submitting clips in a few different browsers?
    eg. Firefox and Internet Explorer (and let me know which versions you are using)
    I noticed a user submitted 5 submissions a few weeks back but no .mp3 clip was uploaded. I want to make sure the submission form is still working. cheers

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