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  1. Norozco18
    I know, that's why i'm asking you to tell the others about this, so they can ask the voice actors on twitter, ok?
  2. Soul-dragon
    I don't have twitter.
  3. Norozco18
    Hey Soul, I saw the post that you made this discussion earlier today, & let me just that I don't think that it's Ryan Bartley at all, I think that it's either Tamara Ryan or Reba Buhr, since both of their vocals apparently match to this character, & comparing that to their demos:

    Tamara's Animation & Video game demos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7AHNYcgyj4

    Reba's animation demo: https://soundcloud.com/reba-buhr/animation-demo-1

    Then there's a chance that one of them might be this "Alicia Stratten" person & the mysterious voice actress who played Elize in Tales of Xillia & the sequel, so be sure to tell the others about this & to ask them on twitter as well, ok.

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