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  1. Jackson_H
    You're correct the index is outdated and even if it were up-to-date I doubt it would be checked often. There are already multiple Dream Cast threads for the same franchises or specific titles. At this point feel free to make a new Pac-Man thread if you so desire. If in the future I or another staff member decide to sort out the Dream Cast forum we will merge and move any related threads together
  2. Frozen5110
    Hello Jackson_H. I came to ask for some help with the forums. I know that it's against the rules to create a Dream Cast forum for something that already has one. However, I want to make a Dream Cast for the Pac-Man series, and when I checked the index (which needs to be updated by the way) and found the Pac-Man thread, there were only two posts from the same person and it wouldn't let me reply. I assume that this is a problem with the index itself, because I checked the Batman one, one of the most popular threads, to make sure I wasn't crazy. When accessing it from the index, the images don't load correctly and it won't let me reply.

    When I searched for the Pac-Man thread outside the index, it didn't even show up! Is the thread closed? What should I do?

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