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  1. martyyahar
    Hey there! I was working on making new images for animation (mostly anime) pages with blurry images and dead links. Are there any particular franchises and shows i should avoid working on that you know of?

    My agenda is something like this:

    >Bubblegum Crisis
    >Descendants of Darkness
    >Duel Masters (first season)
    >Fantastic Planet
    >Fushigi Yugi
    >Initial D (remaining material, when i get around to finishing what i've seen already)
    >Kiki's Delivery Service
    >Magic Night Rayearth
    >Martian Successor Nadesico
    >Outlaw Star
    >Ranma 1/2
    >Rurouni Kenshin
    >To Heart (dubbed season)
    >Weiss Kreuz
    >World of Narue
    >Zatch Bell (unlikely)

    Additionally, i am also working on shows/ movies not already on the site like Miami Guns and Dallos. Thanks for your time.

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