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  1. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    Oh, it annoyed me to no end. The Warriors Three are fun and loveable characters in the comics, and there's no reason why their movie versions couldn't have been fan-favorites. Why not make them part of Heimdall's resistance movement or, if they truly felt that they couldn't salvage the characters, why not let them go out in a blaze of glory? And of course, to add insult to injury, Thor never has any reaction to their deaths or even acknowledge them any way.

    Ragnarok sucked and I hate how it will shape all the potential future Thor movies.
  2. GreenGoblin75
    I was annoyed that Thor Ragnarok killed off the Warriors Three in super anti-climactic ways.

    What did you think about that?
  3. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    Not really. It has some standout episodes, but it is mostly more boring version of TNG and it completely wastes its interesting premise.

    I have not. I have been little curious to check out some of the Star Wars media outside of the movies and Clone Was is supposedly really good, but I have never really gotten around to it, since I'm not huge Star Wars fan and mostly care only about the movies (and even then drew a line on young Han Solo origin movie).
  4. GreenGoblin75
    I just remembered I did see Wrath of Kahn a couple years ago! Montalban was delightfully hammy.

    Thanks for the advice about TNG. That was the series that interested me the most. Is Voyager any good?

    Also have you watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
  5. The Doctor
    The Doctor

    The original series is a classic, but you do need to prepare yourself for some campy cheese, so probably not the best place to start. Deep Space Nine, on ther other hand, is arguably the best Star Trek show to date, but you probably should watch TNG first, since it is a spin-off of that show.
  6. The Doctor
    The Doctor

    The Wrath of Khan made me a fan of the franchise and it is easy to follow without knowing anything about the previous movie or the original series. It's not just the best Star Trek movie, but a great sci-fi movie period. After that, you can go forward and watch the rest of the movies with the original cast (TNG movies aren't impossible to understand without seeing the show, but there are a lot of callbacks).

    The Next Generation is really fun and solid series, but it has terrible first two seasons (season 1 especially is just torturous). I say only watch the first two episodes of season 1 (they are terrible, but they introduce the main characters and Q, who comes back multiple times) and the few gems of season 2, then go straight ahead from season 3 onward.
  7. GreenGoblin75
    That makes sense.

    I’m in the weird camp where I love the JJtrek movies (probably comes from not being a superfan of the franchise) but don’t like TFA or TLJ that much.

    What would be a good starting point to watch more Star Trek?
  8. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    Yes and no. I like the characters and want to see how the story is concluded, and the status quo we were left with after TLJ was interesting, but I don't trust Abrams to deliver a memorable movie. Abrams isn't terrible, but he is bland as hell and his movies are only as strong as their scripts (Force Awakens was OK, but his two Star Trek movies were terrible).

    And no, I don't believe any of the rumors that Disney is planning to course correct the franchise with IX. TLJ made over billion dollars and was the best selling Blu-Ray of 2018. No matter how big "blacklash", no studio is going to be disappointed with that outcome (otherwise, Disney wouldn't have renewed Kathleen Kennedys contract).
  9. GreenGoblin75
    Are you looking forward to IX?
  10. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    I can understand why it would bother someone, especially since Han already died in the previous movie, but I was fine with it. It was logical conclusion to Luke's arc, the final scene of him living on as a legend was great and he can always come back as a force ghost.

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