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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    I read back in Season 1 that they were considering both Wally and Bart for Season 2 and went with Wally so it lol is like Bart will be introduced next season or soon.
  2. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    I do feel that the Bart thing might have been major foreshadowing. Could have just been a fun little wink-wink to those who'd get it, but considering how many speedsters we've seen already, plus I'm not sure that the writers will pass up the opportunity for all of the oddness that they could get out of having Barry meet his grandson.

    The Zoom toy does look pretty good. Savitar will most likely get one at some point. Might have to wait till Comic-Con or so to see it shown off.
  3. SupremeTarantulas
    Thanks, looking for that Zoom. Better than the Reverse Flash which did not loom as great in person.

    If they make a Savitar toy I'm grabbing that too. I hope they have made one that changes to evil Barry cause Grant was cool as both interacting with himself.

    I like Barry calling himself Bart too. Possible foreshadowing?

    Mick must have altered time so Snart was never picked up by the Waverider because of his existing past self already being there or something, or maybe Barry got to him and stopped his robbery or whatever they were doing when Rip met them.
  4. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    There are Arrowverse Zoom toys



    I thought it was a good episode, though I'm not sure that I have much to say about it. Frost's eyes went back to normal for a brief instant, so Caitlin is still in there somewhere.

    There were some funny lines in this one. Cisco can be a hoot.

    I also don't really understand how Snart is back except that Mick left him in the past, so this is a version that never went on the Waverider(shrug). I really don't think Thawne is gone for good, though I don't know how he survived Black Flash and the Spear destroying him. He's supposed to be a really smart guy, so maybe he left a time remnant out there somewhere?
  5. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    I guess Lee did have somewhat of a point that she was trying to show sympathy for Jim's uncle and he had an odd reaction, but he did admit that they were estranged, so why should he be super bothered by it?

    Barbara was OK for a while, but she does seem pointless. Perhaps they'll do something with her, who knows. There's lots of fans' speculation that she's going to be Harley Quinn. I don't personally believe at this point, but they've changed things up enough on this show that I can't say it won't happen, I just think that it will or necessarily should.

    I had honestly almost forgotten about Butch. He gets pretty big moments, and then seems to disappear for a while.
  6. SupremeTarantulas
    Not much to say on Flash. Simply the chemistry, character development, and scenes were great.

    Looks like Heatwave is getting replaced. I like the replacement from what we saw of him. They somehow found a way to get Snart back on Flash for good. Legends may explain that but not bothered by it cause he's a long awaited comeback and is welcome back on Legends and vice versa anytime.

    Unless Savitar's unaware of Eobard's fate it seems he cheated death again according to him when he mentioned Eddie.
  7. SupremeTarantulas
    Barbara was fun in Season 2 and the first half of the season but she's run her course IMO. It seems she's going nowhere and Ivy seems like a copy and paste of Barbara with added plant powers. They look, sound, and act alike, and curious on how they interact.

    Tabitha should have dealt with Riddler earlier cause this reveal over a freaking hand is also forced and worse than Lea's forced anger since the audience knows it's fake in her case. Maybe Riddler will kill her, and as for Butch I wouldn't that either cause it's either or have him run back to Penguin again, unless he has a scheme planned which it kinda seems by his last scene.

    Curious how Riddler's arc wraps up.

    Flash thoughts?

    I'm kinda busy tonight but should be home by Flash. It's recording if I'm exhausted or something but my response may be delayed a day if I don't get to it or feel like coming online.
  8. SupremeTarantulas
    I meant Arrowverse Zoom. Reverse Flash wasn't satisfying in any of his versions though one looked better online bit Zoom would look cool.

    Well we will get Bludgeon eventually cause up to episode 7 is online, and some of Season 2 like Scorponok is still out and well movie toys last a few years other toys usually sell with them.

    My next buy will probably be Slash to add one last character to the Dinobots.

    Tabitha and Barbara are definitely getting pointless. Lea's not getting pointless but her anger attempts at Jimmy are especially cause it's already known it was just an act back in the winter premiere when it was actually believable. Plus she was making an attempt to be nice to Jim cause his uncle died then yells at him for ruining another person's life even though it's his family and she doesn't know what happened with his uncle, and given what the audience know it just seemed fake and forced like she needed an excuse to "hate" Jim again for no reason.
  9. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Gotham was quite a nod to all of the movies, what with Penguin, Ivy, Mr. Freeze and Riddler. Of course we can't forget about Selina being pushed out the window and having all of the alley cats come out to likely revive her just like what I in Batman Returns.

    Lee being mad at Jim is just getting old at this point. If you can't stand the guy, then just move, lady. Also is their any reason to keep Tabitha? She really doesn't serve much of a purpose. I expect her to bite it by season s end.

    Bruce's clone is only supposed to take his place temporarily while the real one trains? It's called Heroes Rise, yet so far it's much more about the villains. It's referring to Bruce and Jim(I guess), it just seems more about all of the bad guys.
  10. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    There are Zoom toys, unless you mean one in the style of that Reverse Flash, then not that I know of.

    RID season 3 is on TV currently. They've just only shown three of them so far. I think more are On Demand as well as online. And movie toys do have a habit of sticking around long after the film's release. I'm not going to be too bothered, if I don't get him, I don't.

    I know that there were toys for the first Injustice, I'd like to see them for the second. I think there is some kind of statue of Brainiac and Batman.

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