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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    Not much to say on Gotham hence me not posting anything yesterday. If you have thoughts I'll try and gather mine tomorrow.

    Flash thoughts? Other than Iris's death for now. Yeah I'm being a bit corny and not talking about Iris for 24 hours out of respect.
  2. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
  3. SupremeTarantulas
    I came up with Superior Speedster during Season 2 but this forum wasn't created till Season 3 so elements if Savitar got added.
  4. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    I wrote that those pics are pretty good. Should have been more specific about what I was referring to.

    So,the inspiration for Superior Speedster actually came from season two's Zoom, yet it somehow is eerily similar to the storyline that ended up being used for Savitar this season? Hmm, that's quite something.
  5. SupremeTarantulas
    And I changed Jay's origin in the RP. Sure he was just having a smoke in the original version and it was never updated, so I added the rival fans/team trying to stop him from passing his class to play in the game.
  6. SupremeTarantulas
    Check the Iris pics I sent in the mail?

    Actually I based Superior Speester and he has a protege too, killing Speedsters while he's busy plotting his scheme in the future I came up with this concept during Season 2 and am using for the RP. Plan on converting the stories we do into scripts for you to read, then taking breaks and doing Transformers.

    Instead of blowing up the Multiverse fir the sue of it like Zoom did, SS blows up realities after killing Speedsters in order to epoxy any successes from stopping him.

    Working on Savitar's bio but haven't done it yet just getting ideas.
  7. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Julian probably isn't gonna stick around. If Caitlin does love him and she's saying she doesn't just so that he won't get hurt, then him dying would likely keep her frosty. If that happens, then man, she is really unlucky with men.

    So, Superior Speedster is basically TV show Savitar? And Brandon Routh is a Flash? Nice.

    Those pics are pretty good.
  8. SupremeTarantulas
  9. SupremeTarantulas
    Sent some pics I found in the mail

    Also I think Julian wil either be the one to die trying to save Caitlin.

    Snart being back is probably cause Mick asked Barry to keep an eye on him and he was probably pulled from the timeline by Barry after Mick contacted him. Doubt he'll stay good once he's paired with Heat Monger cause why else would the latter's return be right after the former's debut.

    No, forgot to look at more but admittedly disappointed in Robert's Scarecrow and was hoping for a Freddy Krueger esque take.

    Since Starscreamsfan started sharing bios I might as well share mine, cause I was going to once I finish but can always share those. Role playing keeps me busy but soon settiling everything to do more Transformers stuff.
  10. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Bart being on that early wouldn't seem right, but now that season four is coming that seems like a more reasonable time.

    Seen the new Premier Skins for Injustice 2? Jay Garrick, Vixen(for Cheetah), Mr. Freeze, Grid(Cyborg) and the official looks at John Stewart and Power Girl.

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