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  1. TylerMirage
    -"Good actors"? So Wahlberg, Tucci, Grammer and Welliver don't count? Or were you just saying that you want that trend to continue?
    -No, please, keep Krueger on. He actually seems to give a crap about the mythos of the franchise. Maybe bring on an additional writer, but keep Krueger.
    -It's Transformers. It's Michael Bay. It's the 21st century. Product placement will never not be super noticeable in a film that meets those criteria.
    -Then the problem is people complaining about retconning. But I agree. They need to just stop, sit down and make a simple map as to how these movies somehow fit together.
    -Agreed. For the longest time I didn't think that AoE was going to have a MacGuffin. TF5 doesn't need a MacGuffin. Optimus is out exploring space for the creators, Galvatron is trying to rebuild his army on Earth. No need for a MacGuffin.
  2. TylerMirage
    -Tucci, for the first half of the movie, was brilliant. He was channelling his best Lex Luthor and it worked so well. Then he started to ham it up, a la classic Bay style. But I wouldn't call that dumb humour. Dumb humour is Sam's mom having a meltdown as she looks at Sam's baby booties. Dumb humour is Bumblebee leaking lubricant on Simmons. Tucci becoming crazy in an alien battlefield? Not as dumb.
    -I actually felt that AoE did quite well in not forcing extraneous characters down our throats. You'll always have bit parts and minor characters, but even TJ Miller's character served a purpose. And when his purpose was fulfilled, he was finito.
  3. TylerMirage
    -A new editor(s) doesn't guarantee those problems will be solved. A story is written three times in the production of a project - the first is when you write the script, the second is when you film it, the third is in the editing room. And all three of those stages will have the director at the helm or, at the very least, still making the very important decisions and signing off on them. You could have Walter Murch be the sole editor on TF5, but as long as Bay is the director, it'll still be edited like a Bay film. I was really hoping that AoE was going to have a lean 120-130 minute runtime, but hey, can't always get what we want. And at least the extra long runtime gave us more robot screentime. So it's a trade-off, I guess.
    -There will always be the human element, so I have no delusions that they'll ever trim it down substantially.
  4. electronic456
    I have some things listed for TF5 that I want to see:
    -Film runtime, editing and pacing fixed. New editor please.....
    -The human element cut down because sometimes it's just boring to see that drag.
    -Some dumb humour cut down. (Tucci was overreacting too much at times)
    -Keep up the good work with giving the robots personality.
    -No forced characters.
    -Good actors.
    -To quote Optimus's words,"We need a new army." "We need a new writer."
    -Make product placement less noticeable.
    -Fix continuity with the other films even if it's a soft reboot.
    -Macguffins need to stop! No more of those relics like the Seed etc!
  5. TylerMirage
    Not gonna' lie, I too was disappointed with them. I mean, I still liked them for what we got. But I was 100% certain that we were gonna' get some sweet Berger Grimlock lines. Thought they were gonna' be a more prominent part of the story. But hey, at least they survived. Always hope for TF5.

    Ha ha, I just finished listening to Lockdown's theme on Youtube (like, five times).

    Yeah, before we knew much about Galvatron (other than that he'd be in the movie), I assumed they were gonna' reference TFA in the sense that Meg's severed head would make an appearance.
  6. electronic456
    I was more disappointed with the Dinobots. Perhaps they could be back for the sequel, but I expected more than just "legendary warriors". Hey at least more time than Shockwave in DOTM, Rhino in ASM 2 or maybe Godzilla.

    Lockdown has the creepy theme that accompanies him making him more badass. Mark Ryan isn't as great as Lance but he manages it. Lockdown was also a bit of a pirate IMO. I liked the nods to TF Animated in the movie. Somehow Ratchet knew him.....

    Also Galvatron's revival plan! Good to see Ehren Kruger pull something from Animated though I think TF5 would need a new writer. Galvatron is awesome with the "fear" line, hopefully he will done justice as a villain next time.

    Stinger.....Eh. I wish he would be more than just product placement. He could've stowed away with Galvatron and acted as his servant.

    Brains... Minimal but good to see that he survived being targeted. One could ask.... Where did he go?

    I had fun with the robot characters in AOE in the end.
  7. TylerMirage
    Yeah, although Crosshairs and Drift weren't named, I still think the Autobot intro scene as a whole was better than the first film's. The first film's was epic, don't get me wrong. Awesome musical score, ethereal look, epic visuals. But it really felt like the forced "HEY GUISE LET'S INTRODUCE OURSELVES"-shove it down our throat scene. "AoE"'s didn't feel that way, instead, it felt much more natural. And I think NOT naming Drift and Crosshairs in that scene helped with that. Hound got named a couple of times, but yeah, would've been nice to have Crosshairs and Drift named at some point in the movie.
  8. TylerMirage
    You know, I never thought of him as the Starscream of the Autobots, but now that you mention it, he totally is, ha ha. But a much less traitorous version. He's still loyal, but doesn't always agree with Prime. I'd say that he definitely still fits the description of "sharpshooter". I just wish we could've had a scene or two showcasing some sniping skills or something.
  9. electronic456
    Honestly speaking. Crosshairs came across as the Autobot Starscream of the crew. He's really judgemental of Prime's leadership. He's a totally awesome new character in the TF lore, but I wonder if he's still a sharpshooter like the G1 version.

    The Autobot introduction scene in AOE wasn't as strong as TF07. I mean they were bright in character, but no one ever said Crosshair's name or Drifts', so the audience is like "Who are these guys?". Only Hound got a bit of a name mention, it was kinda disappointing.
  10. TylerMirage
    You know, I'm honestly not sure. I read a spoiler prior to seeing the movie where someone said Leadfoot was in the movie, so I just assumed if he was going to speak, it was going to be DiMaggio, since he was already there as Crosshairs. Then I watched the scene, and I couldn't quite tell if DiMaggio reprised the role. It sounded like Leadfoot said something ("Autobot! I'm an Autobot!"), but it didn't quite sound like DiMaggio. In fact, from what I remember it seemed to resemble Goodman more. :/ But it's been a few days, so my memory is fading. I'll have to pay closer attention to that part next time I see it.

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