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  1. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    That's a Fair perspective.

    I'd can understand you avoiding the Star Trek/ Green Lantern crossover since that has the Kelvin timeline cast and uses previous Green Lantern continuity.

    It seems the Comics will have to continue Kelvin stories since the sequel to Beyond has been shelved.

    One Crossover that DESPERATELY needs to be Reprinted at a Decent price is JLA/Avengers. Used copies for issues of that are So High these days.
  2. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    I could see both of them working in the role, but Discovery probably should stay away from over-relying on younger versions of classic characters. Young Spock I'm OK with, since if they really had to make Michael his secret adoptive sister, they really should actually do something with it and not just dance around it.

    I have read TNG/Doctor Who crossover and really enjoyed it. It captured the spirit of both shows, had some fun easter eggs and was just a fun ride. I would actually consider it one of my personal favorite comic crossovers.
  3. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    That's fair enough.

    If General Chang shows up in Star Trek Discovery, I think Mark Sheppard or James Marsters would be a solid fit as a younger incarnation of the Character.

    Have you read any of the Star Trek Crossover Comics?
  4. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    Eh, probably. I never really make a big deal out of Christmas (or any holidays, for that matter), so it usually isn't too stressful. Didn't put up any decoration or even tree, just went with my family to have a christmas dinner to my grandparents and then we exchanged gifts.
  5. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    I enjoyed it quite a bit, though the Animation style did take me a while to adjust to.

    The Voice Acting was Terrific and I think the Film has probably my Favourite Portrayal of Miles Morales.

    Was your Christmas less frustrating than mine?
  6. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    A rumor that I heard says that EA has told Bioware that if Anthem doesn't sell, there's not going to be more Mass Effects, which makes me feel really bad, since have no interest to buy or play Anthem myself.

    I can kinda hear that, but I think Scheiber's voice is rougher than theirs (or at least Goodman's).

    But hey, late happy birthday, man =) Did you enjoy them movie?
  7. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    I hve a feeling Bioware will be more focused on the Dragon Age franchise at the moment. Mass Effect is probably going to have an awkward hiatus ( rather like the one between ST: Enterprise and the 2009 Reboot) .

    I saw Into the Spiderverse on my birthday and I thought Liev Scrieber's Kingpin voice sounded like a cross between John Goodman and Brad Garett.
  8. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    Oh definetly.

    I can see that with right direction and material. I would however want him to play more subdued Mikey (perhaps IDW inspired Mikey) rather than a really wild and "XD!!RANDOM!!" take.

    Are you personally still onboard with Mass Effect franchise or did ending of ME3 and Andromeda's underperformance kill it for you? I still think that Bioware has potential for another masterpiece like ME2, if given a chance.
  9. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    Liz Sroka deserves more roles. She would be a perfect fit as Scarlet Witch.

    I also think that while he was miscast as Spider-Man, Drake Bell would be a Perfect fit as Michelangelo in a TMNT Animated series.
  10. The Doctor
    The Doctor

    As for the Guardians game, I think it was kinda so-so and most of the flaws came down to Marvel's besetting sin of forcing MCU tie-ins/references everywhere. Gamora, Nebula, Groot and especially Thanos sound the best, since they clearly had more creative freedom with those characters (even if MCU influences are there). I was really pleasently suprised with Nolan North's Rocket, since he was pretty weak in the role previously, but now that he was allowed to show his range and actual emotion, he kinda made me choked up during Rocket's flashbacks. Star-Lord was good when behaving more heroically, but all the funny lines kinda fell flat (MCU!Star-Lord worked, because of the combination of James Gunn's writing/direction and Chris Pratt's charm, which is next to impossible to replicate), but he is still probably the best Star-Lord voice we have had thus far. Drax and Yondu weren't bad, but kinda clumsy impersonations of their MCU counterparts.

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