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  1. Pokejedservo
    First of all FW please go to "View Conversation" then send your response so I can get your responses in my profile instead of yours, just thought I remind you that.

    Anyways Crawford voiced Jet for most of his appearances in the series except for Tales of Ba Sing Se and Lake Laogai (Jason Marsden voiced him in the former though according to IMDb they both voiced him in the latter). Anyways this might help you more...

  2. Pokejedservo
    Hey FW, I do have a little something VC-related to say (but don't worry its not a problem with any existing VC this time). How did you get the clips for Iroh's Voice Compare? Did you get them online or do you have DVD's of the show? I have been trying to get clips like that for Jet from Avatar for a while now. (But I haven't been able to find clips of the episodes he was in that I can use, we can probably thank Viacom for that.) Do you think its possible for you to do Jet? (He has been voiced by Crawford Wilson and Jason Marsden.) I often try to make sure that every Voice Compare section has more than 1 VC if at all possible. Just a little suggestion of course since you have other VC ideas as well down the line.
  3. Pokejedservo
    Check your e-mail my good man, I'm afraid its something VC related again...
  4. Pokejedservo
    Oh yes 2 things FW, first you haven't fixed the Sally Dana clip in Tina Armstrong's VC yet I just though I mention that.

    BTW speaking of Voice Compares I am thinking of doing one for Older Gohan, should I do one for Dameon Clarke as he voiced an older Adult Gohan in the "History of Trunks" special? I know I would definitely do something for Lex Lang, Kyle Hebert and Brad Swaile but what about this? I wasn't quite sure so I thought I ask you...
  5. Pokejedservo
    I'm afraid there is another VC problem, there are two Lex Lang clips in that Dr. Polaris Voice Compare, however I shall tell you to ONLY remove the first one because the first clip is not working. (The 2nd however is working just fine.)

    Oh yes and I am not going to hide that Voice Compare because people will be able to see it anyways if they see Michael Rosenbaum and Lex Lang's files on the site.
  6. Foxwolf
    fixed. yeah, we need to make sure the names are different to existing voice compares
  7. Pokejedservo
    Thanks though I have another problem, I just released a Voice Compare for an Akira character by the name of Ryu. However for some reason it just goes to the Street Fighter Ryu Voice Compare. I would suggest for you to look into it as soon as possible.

    (P.S: BTW when you see this message click the "View Conversation" link thats nearby it then send your response please. That way I will be able to see it a little bit sooner.)
  8. Pokejedservo
    Yo Foxwolf, I am starting to have trouble with doing some admin work on the file for Hulk Vs., the screen keeps going blank every time I try to add in new characters in for that file. Just thought I let you know...
  9. Pokejedservo
    Say Fox wolf, Paul Dobson seems to be listed twice in that Hikozaemon Voice Compare, please delete one of them as soon as possible. (Namely the first one since its not playing.)
  10. Pokejedservo
    Oh just for a quick note, while Optimus is doing a fine job on the He-Man Voice Talent in general, the home page sadly points out on how he made a mistake regarding Michael Donovan.

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