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  1. WrightWay
    More or less- we can only hope this seems to be a turning point for them.

    Same thoughts.
  2. 1dbad
    I hope so! What's frustrating about 4K Media is they tend to be "two steps forward, one step back". Like Zexal was an improvement of terms of script localization, but a step back on voice work. Arc-V improved on the voice work front (Yuzu's dad and Gongenzaka being exceptions), but the script was a downgrade compared to Zexal. It is! Vrains seems to be Darkside of Dimensions in terms of quality, which is really exciting. If they keep this up, I think we will eventually get a dub with the Japanese OST.

    I definitely feel bad for Auria and the rest of the cast too. I wish it hadn't happened at all, but now that it has, all we can hope is that it somehow works out.
  3. WrightWay
    Agreed- I hope this is a turning point for 4KMedia to at least go in the direction of their Pokemon and Dinosaur King dubs with the Vrains dub, though like you I'm cautiously optimistic here: the acting is better than its been in ages, IMO.

    Very true. Yup, though I do feel bad for Auria, he seemed pretty brokenhearted after what occurred with Whisper- hoping his successor does him justice, though it'll depend on the dialogue and direction the Canadian cast is given.

    Agreed on all accounts on your second reply!
  4. 1dbad
    It's impressive how Nelvana has grown because I remember some of their earlier dubs (like Cardcaptor Sakura) made a lot of changes. Yeah. Ideally I like a show to keep its original score, but I don't mind a rescore as much when it's well-done. What irks me about the rescore of the Yu-Gi-Oh! spin-offs in particular is how uninspired the dub score feels not only compared to the original, but even other Yugioh dubs. Like compare Arc-V's dub score to the dub score of of the original Yugioh or Darkside of Dimensions and the difference is staggering. It honestly feels like they're merely covering up silences than actually trying to capture the mood of a scene most of the time.
  5. 1dbad
    Yeah, I really wish they could retain the Japanese OST. But otherwise, the Vrains dub looks like it might be decent! If they dub this faithfully from the get go, it could increase the chances of Vrains getting an uncut dub too. It's a lot easier to only have to re-record a line here and there than it is to redub from the ground up like they'd have to with the previous series.

    Yep, after Saban finished Doki Doki, the rights reverted back to Toei. Now it's just a question of whether Toei plans to try dubbing another Precure series or if they've given up on it altogether. Saban's rights to Digimon have also lapsed back to Toei. And considering how Tri's dub turned out (which was commissioned by Toei), Appmon and any future Digimon dubs should be in good hands. I hope so! Canada does have some great VAs so as long as the direction is good, it should be decent.
  6. WrightWay
    On Nelvana, Beyblade Burst is the first Beyblade Series they've kept the OST for, and same: they may still censor some stuff like 4KMedia, Saban, etc., but Nelvana seems like they at least do what kids to experience something better musically, essentially.
  7. WrightWay
    True, very true: it could be worse, after all. Agreed fully on the Vrains dub trailer- the only real gripe I have right now is the music replacements, but so long as they don't do their usual antics it seems it could be watchable- the acting seems better than its been in ages from them! I'm hoping the trailer isn't just a tease before they go back to square one, though, like you I'm cautiously optimistic given their history.

    I didn't know that on Saban for Glitter Force, but that is good to hear! Digimon Tri's dub was good, that is also true! Yeah, I didn't expect Hasbro to pull a cast change like Pokemon's either on Yokai, tbh: I only hope the newer Canadian cast does a better job than the current Pokemon cast at filling Joey D Auria and JYB et al's shoes, really.

    Yup, it's basically only kids' Anime that get the weak dubs still- most other dubs are Uncut & good now in general.
  8. 1dbad
    At least Crunchyroll is simulcasting Vrains! Back in March, they had an early screening of the first episode of the Vrains dubs, and I'm cautiously optimistic? No accents, entire scenes with silence, and the score seems to have as much effort put into it as the Darkside of Dimensions dub score. I'm still afraid to get my hopes too high until we see more, but it does sound like Vrains dub might be better than expected. At least Saban no longer has Glitter Force or Digimon now. TPCi is disappointing but not too surprising. I was taken aback by the shake-up with Yokai Watch though. At least most anime nowadays get the uncut faithful dubs they deserve, but it is sad kids series seem to be the one exception.

    No shame in that, my friend! I'm glad you like it. And I'm impressed! I had heard Nelvana had been getting better in recent years but didn't know they had gotten that good. Makes me wish Nelvana could take over for some of these other kids franchises!
  9. WrightWay
    Oh, if only 4KMedia would get with the times...I wish someone would do this with the Dark Side of Dimensions dub personally, my friend. It's baffling there's still dubbers no better than them now out there as well (as examples, TPCi is doing everything they did wrong with Pokemon & is even worse now on the music replacements + has gone back to visually editing the show too, Saban is still being themselves with Pretty Cure, etc., Yokai Watch is going cheap on its dub now too). It always seems the Anime dubs targeted at kids still get the worst luck to me...

    On the flip side, Nelvana REALLY upped their game with the Beyblade Burst dub of the kiddie anime I still watch (soft spot for that kind of stuff, I know it's embarrassing but I can't help it haha)- they actually keep the OST through all the episodes and they stick to their dub cast still. It's not the best acting, but they do a good job IMO.
  10. 1dbad
    Thought you might find this interesting: http://www.cloudy.ec/v/9e2e99a133e80

    A friend of mine rescored part of an Arc-V dub episode with the original Japanese soundtrack. And while it's not as good as a professional job (occasional echo and the audio levels aren't perfectly mixed like a professional dub), it's amazing what a difference it makes.

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