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  1. 1dbad
    The stage music is great. But I agree about wishing it had more variety. At least the 5D's and Zexal dub callbacks were a nice touch. It's still weird we didn't get any GX callbacks though.

    Which Digimon villain? The reason I mentioned Tamers is because Zarc's Yuya form made me think of this: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/...20120419052316

    Yuki Kaji and Aoi Yuuki are confirmed to be reprising for the upcoming second season of the Ace Attorney anime, so I'm afraid not. But the thought of getting an AJ adaptation without KENN voicing Apollo makes me extremely sad... I actually prefer Edgeworth's English anime VA to his game one. The lack of accent is a bit odd but I think the tone of his voice fits better than his game one. I do miss Maya's game VA though. I like her Spirit of Justice and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney VAs better than the one FUNi gave her for the anime dub.
  2. HylianBelmont
    It makes me wish they did something similar with Arc-V's. Because while I probably like it a bit more than some other people (I love the "stage" music it sometimes has) I do wish it had more variety, and that they placed it better. But hey, the old music from 5Ds and Zexal was great though.

    Kind of! The "shadow-y" dragon form reminded me of a Digimon villian, at least.

    Agreed. Though it makes me wonder if the JP version actually would get Phoenix's (and everyone else's) current game VAs back if they ever did AJ? BTW, I've grown to like Edgeworth's English VA in the anime dub (and I definitely prefer his "Objection!") though the lack on an accent was a tad jarring at first, haha.
  3. 1dbad
    I like it! I love how it sounds similar to Duel Monsters, which I always thought was their best dub score. (and maybe GX) I think the DM callbacks fit for Zexal too since it's sort of like a redux of DM.

    Agreed! I believe Zarc had the shortest screentime of any Yugioh big bad thus far. Which is a shame when he's one of the coolest villains we've had yet. And is it just me or does Zarc give you Digimon Tamers vibes?

    I's kind of funny - I always thought Sam would have worked better for younger Phoenix due to his more youthful sounding voice, haha. But I do see what you mean about Eric working for him a way Sam wouldn't. I think that's why I'm partial to Eric's take, haha. While it's a shame we couldn't have the same VA for both, I am glad Phoenix got a great voice actor for every medium!
  4. HylianBelmont
    It seems like they went for a similar sound to Duel Monsters, IMO at least? Though the soundtrack still has the "let's cover up the silence!" parts that the spin-offs all have though, haha. Regardless, tracks such as these are pretty impressive. https://youtu.be/dFpYlOUs7TM

    Agreed. My only real complaint with Zarc is that he didn't stick around as long he should have? Not sure how to explain it, but even so. His concept in general is still great.

    You may have a point there. I have yet to hear his entire performance so it might grow on me later on, and I think I kinda agree on preferring Eric Vale. At least for younger Phoenix, because to me he pulls him off in a way I don't think Sam really could've. He even sounds rather similar to Ben Judd!
  5. 1dbad
    Zexal's the dub I've seen the least of, so I hadn't really noticed. But that's cool! What style of music did they go for? The Japanese Zexal score sounds like something out of a JRPG, haha.

    I am too! I like when a show gives you multiple angles on something instead of only presenting one viewpoint as the "right" one. And the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

    I thought Yuki Kaji would be miscast, but after seeing the entire series subbed (I followed the Crunchy simulcast), I was pleasantly surprised that he ended up being better than expected. That said, I definitely enjoy Ace Attorney more dubbed. And I love Eric Vale as Phoenix! This is kind of a controversial opinion, but I like him as Phoenix even more than Sam, haha. Not that Sam is bad, but years ago when I played the first 3 games, I had always imagined Phoenix sounding more like how Eric plays him. I really like Apollo's game VA, but I do hope the anime will adapt AJ!
  6. HylianBelmont
    Zexal's dub score actually did have some pretty nice music, I will say.

    I'm glad they at least had Yuya view Zarc in a more sympathetic light compared to Leo in episode 147. Obviously Leo wouldn't but still, there's always two sides to these things haha.

    BTW I watched the first 4 episodes of the Ace Attorney anime yesterday, it's not the best adaptation but I do rather like Bryan Massey as Gumshoe. And Eric Vale as Phoenix Wright is definitely more fitting than (the IMO miscast) Yuki Kaji. Who would have been more fitting for Apollo to me?
  7. 1dbad
    I was impressed by that Vrains tack too! Makes me look forward to hear more of the dub score. I liked that too! I didn't realize it was a Zexal track actually, but I should have known, haha.

    I have noticed that in every series so far, there seems to be a handful of characters who tend to have most of their dialogue retained, for whatever reason. It also makes me excited when their characters pop up. I think so too! I'm really impressed by both of those Zarc voices, to be honest. I wish Supreme King Jaden could've been more like them!
  8. HylianBelmont
    I also liked the track that played when Specter and Varis/Revolver were talking. It fit the atmosphere of where they were quite well I thought. I did also love the Zexal track that played after Kite said "looks like this is my lucky day" because... it probably would have been a cool rush of nostalgia had I actually watched Zexal beforehand, haha.

    Definitely. I do find the dub's writing becomes pretty good once Shun/Shay, Declan, and Leo Akaba start talking however, haha. Or it's more consistent with those characters I find. But yes, I actually think Kensho Ono and Micheal Liscio Jr. fit Zarc pretty well, despite how different the direction is for example. I find that Ono fits the Dragon form perfectly, and Liscio does better with the "demonic human form" IMO.
  9. 1dbad
    I really like that too. Silence can really add to the power of a scene and I already think it's made some of the VRains dub stronger than it would've been otherwise. I remember that! Yeah, the dub does have certain kinds of music they're really good at making. Yusho's stage music is definitely one of those things.

    Weird. The casting and performances are the biggest strength of Arc-V's dub, IMO. I've never understood why people act like a fault in one area means the product overall is bad.
  10. HylianBelmont
    I like how they seem to be using more silent moments in VRains, judging from the first episode. Even Arc-V had silence when both Crow and Yusho got carded (IIRC). But yes, moments like when Yusho pulls off an impressive trick is where the dub soundtrack works IMO. It has a "stage show" sound to it at times (if that makes sense?)

    I'll agree that Arc-V's scripting definitely isn't the most consistent, but that said. I'm not too fond of how some people are using it as an excuse to insult every aspect of Arc-V's however. I mean VAs like Micheal Liscio Jr, Michael Crouch, Emily Bauer etc. Clearly weren't "phoning it in" at all IMO.

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