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  1. VctrBnsn
    Well, that is kinda my dream job. Heck, I've been fan casting Marvel/Dc characters for a while. A lot of my suggestions even made it into real productions (Peter Jessop as Vision, Jennifer Hale as Vision, Nolan North as Green Lantern and Superboy, Roger Craig Smith as Captain America, Trais Willingham as Thor and many more!).
  2. Bluzziku
    Just got off work so I'm tired and a bit foggy on some you have posted in voice compares but E.G. Daily as Rouge was pure win. You might as well be Marvels casting director or whatever its called. XD
  3. VctrBnsn
    I do? Thank you! Like what may I ask?
  4. Bluzziku
    This may be kind of random, but you have some really great casting ideas!

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