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  1. martyyahar
    Oh, two other things:

    1. Is the fact my images are too high in resolution an issue during requests?


    2. What happened to the Idea Input forum? Did i post too much in there, or is it abandoned?
  2. martyyahar
    Basically, i was thinking of making tutorials on the following. If you want me to make-full fledged drafts/ posts on any of them, feel free to say.

    1. How acting locales/ aliases work: Basically, this is for saying how to find voice actors by searching up their name and associated locale/ which aliases are the same person.
    2. How to read Kana, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew: Yes, i can read all of them. This is just general information that i feel could help users add credits from media not in English. That said, i can't read Kanji and usually rely on finding re-typings.
    3. How to add images and links: A lot of people just nab images without putting them into the right crops and qualities. Some media is in 480p with different aspect ratios; so it helps to tell how to avoid distorted captures.

    Thank ya for reading, yo. Hope your day's going well.
  3. TylerMirage
    Hey Marty,

    What kind of guidelines are you thinking? Fire 'em my way and we can hash them out together.
  4. martyyahar
    Hey there, Tyler! I was wondering if i could post some guides as personal advice for newbie database requesters; and if i could ask where the idea input subforum went. Thank you in advance, yo!

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