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  1. Domayv
    * Sentinel Maximus (originally Airazor and Tigerhawk from Beast Wars, who were subsequently merged and given an essence of the Matrix of Ladership to create Primal Prime. After he was fatally injured some time before "Civil War", his spark was merged with Apelinq's, forming Sentinel Maximus. Primal Prime acts as the cody and Apelinq as the head)

    I'm thinking who to voice Shadow Prime, Lio Convoy and Sentinel Maximus
  2. Domayv
    now I shall talk of the Prime Team (based off Convoy from the Fun Publications comic)
    * Optimus Prime (originally G1 Prime and then Optimus Primal after his spark was transferred to the latter, who was then killed in "Rebellion" and reborn as Optimus Prime. This is the same prime as his Aligned Continuity counterpart. He is the leader of this team. Naturally, he is voiced by Peter Cullen)
    * Beast Prime (his Unicorn Trilogy counterpart. Voiced by Garry Chalk)
    * Shadow Prime (based off Nemesis Prime from Transtech. I have him called this to differentiate from other Nemesis Primes)
    * Ignition Prime (his RID 2001 counterpart. Voiced by Neil Kaplan)
    * Leo Prime (Lio Convoy)
  3. Starscreamsfan
    Ah, okay. That's cool.

    I forgot to say that I've also seen Street Fighter anime, and I have mixed reactions. The Animated Movie I didn't like, it was too boring and it had too much fanservice in it, IIV was decent, but it really started to drag by the end, the Alpha stuff was too dark but the SFIV anime was surprisingly good. Maybe it's because I'm more used to the live-action Street Fighter flick (which I absolutely enjoy) and the cartoon.

    Oh, and I've also seen the ADV dub of Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) and it's also really good.

    Another user once shared Golden Boy, I think that was it's name, and even though perverted humor is not my thing, boy that show really made it enjoyable!!!!

    But yes, you're right, I think I should open myself more to anime, especially since most of what I've seen so far has been pretty good.
  4. Domayv
    I cant really see Brad do Mirage (if you were trying to go for his DOTM incarnation, which Dave voiced), Brad's vocal range isn't as versatile as Dave's to pull off a deep voice (Im also not sure if he can do an Italian accent). Brad can do Dave's lighter-sounding (at least Dave's basic voice) roles, however. Then let again, look at Andrea Libman. Many people were stunned as to how much she really expanded her range beyond what people perceived to be her vocal limits thanks to MLP:FiM. I know Brad can do much more with his range but his lack of roles makes it difficult.

    about anime, you should try to open yourself more to it. there's Hulu, Crunchyroll and Netflix right there, and they offer a variety of anime
  5. Starscreamsfan
    Ah, that's actually pretty boss. And boy, he also covers for Wittenberg and Haberkorn. It would be pretty interesting to hear Brad as either DOTM Mirage or Yun and Yang from SFIV.

    That's pretty interesting.

    Heard of it, but never saw it.

    The only anime I've seen is the 1960's stuff like Astroboy, Kimba and Speed Racer, as well as my favorite dub of all time Battle of the Planets. I've also seen the Japanese G1 Transformers cartoons (which are the ones that introduced me to Minerva), and most recently, Autovolt and I discovered an anime called Mighty Orbots.
  6. Domayv
    ever heard of Sailor Moon
  7. Domayv
    actually, many of JYB's roles can easily be voiced by Brad Swaile and they would sound pretty similar to the point that it's borderline identical.

    Also, Brad covers more than Johnny Yong Bosch voice-wise. He also covers Quinton Flynn, Dave Wittenberg (his default voice that is), Orion Acaba (he's Dave Wittenberg's closest successor), Todd Haberkorn and Erik Scott Kimerer (he's Johnny Yong Bosch + Spike Spencer. Trust me, his Haruyuki from Accel Worls and Ryuuji from Toradora sound so much like Johnny Yong Bosch)

    For a fun fact, Johnny Yong Bosch is Dave Wittenberg's successor in the anime dub world. To put it this way, if Digimon Tamers and Frontier ever got an uncut dub and used LA talent, Bosch would voice Henry Wong and Takuya Kanbara, respectively (both of them are voiced by Dave Wittenberg)
  8. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, and yes, because the characters are so underused, I decided to give them more quirks to make them stand out.

    Oh, and if you're wondering why I cast Ron Halder as Drift, well, that's because my version is basically a Master Splinter type character, and I think Halder could pull that off really nicely.
  9. Starscreamsfan
    I think Daingerfield could pull off Jetfire really well. Maybe it's because he hasn't heard him do a role like that, but yes, I do think Daingerfield and Tockar could pull it off.

    Yeah, well, Lee does have the range to pull it off actually.

    Swaile as 'Bee is a boss choice.

    And you know, I've started noticing recently that even though their voices are kinda different, Brad and Bosch do have very similar delivery, so yeah, I can see why you consider Brad the Johnny Yong Bosch of the Vancouver talent pool.

    I've only heard Redman's Nick Fury, but I wonder if he can pull off the deep, raspy voice that Isaac pulled off. But yes, maybe he could.

    Oh, okay. Take your time.
  10. Domayv
    I havent checked part 2 yet because Im kind of busy.

    I have already talked of your takes on the underused characters

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