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  1. firefly1
    2 Weeks Ago
    Good work with Violence Jack.
  2. firefly1
    Hi Millicent going to do Alpha Teens timecodes next week but I've done Care Bears Adventures in Care-A-Lot and Iron Man Armored Adventures today oh and thanks for the advice about the timecodes.
  3. firefly1
    Ok thanks Millicent I best timecode my very favourite Alpha Teens On Machines after I've finished James Bond Jr.
  4. millicent
    Nice, looks like you've got timecodes working. I'm busy with work and Violence Jack at the moment, but I'll look over your James Bond Jr. thread sometime soon.
  5. firefly1
    Ok I'm not so sure how to do timecodes but I will give it a try.
  6. millicent
    I'm a bit busy with other titles at the moment, but I'll try and give em a listen when I get the chance. FWIW, I'd be a lot more inclined to listen if you made links with timecodes (for the youtube links) then me having to type them in and/or you making clips I could just listen to. I usually read your threads, but the added elbow grease of having to type everything in myself usually dissuades me.
  7. firefly1
    Hi Millicent what do you think of the James Bond Jr characters I've collected and do you have any ideas who could have voiced them? I'm just curious.

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