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  1. huzaifa_ahmed
    Well, like many others on this site, I like Japanese media & its actors (dubs too, but beside the question). I was thinking more in terms of individual folks, than particular titles. Off TOMH, some series in particular that I've wanted clips for, were Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball, Pokémon (the creatures, but also the main human voices) Dark Cloud, & Metal Gear (to contrast between Solid/Liquid Snake, & Raiden's performances). I also would dig more Transformers Japanese clips. We have 1984 Optimus, which is pretty cool.

    Most of my list has their English dub clips accounted for. I can understand if it's low priority.
  2. Jackson_H
    Adding sound clips are a low priority unless it's for Voice Compare or BTVA Awards. It's fun but if everyone added clips not much else would get done. What language(s) did you want? Each title is moderated by a certain person so it would be up to the page owner if they wanted to add your clips (might have plans of their own to someday add some). If you tell me the name of the title(s) I can ask the owner (if it's not me) & get back to you (who to email the clips). In my case I'll be honest & say I won't add any of your clips to my pages; not that your clips aren't good enough; I'm just very picky when it comes to selecting dialogue and I also really care about the quality of the source (was it recorded from an HD version or just whatever you found first?) and how you recorded it. Average person probably has no idea if their clip is 128kbps, 256kbps, or 320kbps; there is a difference and IMO it should always be the highest quality since MP3 is a compressed format vs WAV or AIFF
  3. huzaifa_ahmed
    Hello, Mr. H. I was wondering, is there any place I can submit non-English clips to be added to the site? For credited roles, but also uncredited ones, if possible? Thank you so much.

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