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  1. Marusero
    Fair enough. You know, I was also considering the idea of Dan Green and/or Kyle Hebert as Izanagi, who is the father of Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi.
  2. Neo Shadow King
    Neo Shadow King
    Not really, not exactly into multiplayer stuff myself.
  3. Marusero
    Would you give yourself the chance to try it out?
  4. Neo Shadow King
    Neo Shadow King
    Huh... okay then.
  5. Marusero
    Smite is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game where you have to take down the opposing team's "fountain" while playing as a deity or a mythological figure, to say the least.
  6. Neo Shadow King
    Neo Shadow King
    I'd heard of Smite before, but never actually played it. How is it like?
  7. Marusero
    Alright, after listening to the examples you showed me, I think Genda, Sakakibara, and Furukawa could work just fine as Susanoo, Amaterasu, and Tsukuyomi, respectively. It did interest me that you went with classic Japanese VAs.

    Also, thank you for liking my picks and mentioning your favorites. If you'd like, I could explain my reasoning for suggesting these actors. As for your favorite choices, though, here are the performances that came to mind: Lucina (Laura Bailey), Yami Yugi (Dan Green), and Yu/Noctis/Eve (Ray Chase).

    Funnily enough, though, Cristina Vee did play Amaterasu in the video game Smite.
  8. Neo Shadow King
    Neo Shadow King
    Okay, just to give you an idea, for Genda here's his Kurama:


    For Sakakibara here's her Old Woman role from Virtue's Last Reward:


    And for Furukawa here's his Piccolo:


    I do like your choices, though I'd say Bailey, Green and Chase are my favorites.
  9. Marusero
    Don't worry about it—I ain't mad.

    Unfortunately, I… don't pay as much attention to Japanese VAs as I do with English VAs, so I can't really judge unless you're able to show me some examples for each VA you chose. However, I do have lists of English-speaking VAs for each of these gods, so brace yourself.

    • Laura Bailey
    • Cherami Leigh
    • Erica Lindbeck
    • Erica Schroeder
    • Cristina Vee

    • Troy Baker
    • Dan Green
    • Jason Griffith
    • Kyle Hebert
    • Yuri Lowenthal
    • Scott McCord
    • Matthew Mercer
    • Max Mittelman
    • Travis Willingham

    • Johnny Yong Bosch
    • Ray Chase
    • Robbie Daymond
    • Kyle McCarley
    • Steve Staley

    I hope most of these choices are decent enough, at the very least. Also, feel free to make any suggestions.
  10. Neo Shadow King
    Neo Shadow King
    Yeah, sometimes that kind of stuff happens. I'm kinda clumsy at times...

    As for actors, well...

    Amaterasu: Sakakibara Yoshiko
    Susanoo: Genda Tessho
    Tsukuyomi: Furukawa Toshio

    Deliberately went with old school VAs with this one as they are Gods. Better go as ancient as possible.

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