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  1. HienFan
    Stephenson could have been another voice actor for Optimus prime with that performance.

    It's nice some of the voice actors for the old cartoon and the NT anime came back, Ocean(or Canada really) is like the face of Megaman(and his recent work was mostly not so great Barbie movies so might as well come back for this old old franchise).

    Unfortunately on the other side of the story... the other voice actor for Heihachi Mishima and Satan just died, I found that out from a Pokemon wiki news hanging at the bottom of the site.
  2. Starscreamsfan

    Yes, Garry is back!!!

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  3. HienFan
    What a deep voice she has.

    Did not realize the new Megaman cartoon is out for a few weeks, I assume it will just go in limbo longer. But one thing striking is Garry Chalk showing up for another series in a while, cowabunga Dhalsim!
  4. Starscreamsfan
    I guess so.

    LOL, yeah.

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  5. HienFan
    Matthew's clip wasn't the best to be fair, although his usual performance is pretty standard anyway, I thought it was better than what Eric Vale eventually had, he was one of the few Funimation voice who became MORE scratchy sounding later on.

    Muh head is in uh salad durrrr.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, well, Alistair is actually the only one I like (though Doug's take is enjoyable).

    LOL, maybe.

    Very nice.

    Yes, it's basically a latin word.

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  7. HienFan
    Aha... so that Avis name in Abalaburn makes sense now, if you didn't know the character had wings even in her demon form and when you see her in her actual form the wings are a big part of her race which caused her to abandon her son for being wingless(probably for being a mixed race)
  8. HienFan
    That's a rather high position for Doug Rand, I mean he's far from the worst(or so bad it's hilarious) in that dub but you know.

    World youngest quiz host if he had a voice like that.

    I found something interesting about Tales of Eternia/Destiny II(it's US name on the PS1 is the latter) the voice actor of my favourite character is a friend of Kevin Miller(who voiced the main character) and they actually recorded together, he mentioned his name is Errin Clarke.
  9. Starscreamsfan

    1) Alistair
    2) Doug
    3) Eric
    4) Skip
    5) Matthew

    Avis is latin for bird.

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  10. HienFan
    I was talking about Trunks order not Ryu, they just have one voice actor in common(and I already said in the compare itself I thought Alistair could have been a good Ocean alternative)

    So Avis really is a name(it was also the name of villain from the same game as the character I was mentioning Kusao voiced on the last post) oh it's that Vulture the Paul Soles one I mean

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