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  1. LichaRose
    Yeah, it's amazing! He did pretty good with the role, I think. I got to see the dub when someone got the Madman release, FUNi's is coming a bit late but better that than never.

    I'd say he could also probably be a fine classic-style Joe if they have NYAVPost dub the Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman OVA series. A few of the RE: dub actors would work pretty well outside that version, like Patrick Seitz, Ogie Banks, and Dave B. Mitchell. Of course, I'm so curious about what a Bang Zoom cast could be like (and if there's chance of some reprisals from the 2001 ver.), or FUNimation tackling that in-house.
  2. HienFan
    Saw your post on ReCyborg

    Whoa whoa whoa Jason Griffith is Joe? My dream of Jason and Josh Seth in the same compare has come true!

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